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NFL Playoff Prediction #8

Nov 27, 2012 by egaga911
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This should be interesting.
HAHA sorry for skipping the last division leader in the Bears, I'll get to them.

I wanted a fun team to do next, so I picked the Bucs. Josh Freeman was supposed to have his breakout season last year... didn't really happen, but now all of a sudden here he comes this year. Finally he isn't running all over the place and forcing throws, but is staying in the pocket and remaining calm. And he has a pretty good set of receivers too. Doug Martin is a flat out beast too, they need him big time. I just want to get it out there also that the only way the Bucs are getting into the playoffs is with the last wild card spot. I mean, if you take out their 3 game losing streak, they've been pretty good. I'm interested to see if they can build enough momentum by the time they play the Falcons again the last week of the regular season, and possibly pull off an upset against them. That would surely let everyone else know they are no joke.

The Bucs biggest problem is pass defense, clearly. Being 32nd in the league obviously isn't great and it allows opposition coaches to create too many schemes, but the way they get a good amount of turnovers reminds me of a mini-me Patriots defense: Allowing yards but trying to steal the ball. Plus their run defense is #1 in the league right now. Overall I think the Bucs could have used a victory over Atlanta this past week, it would have been huge, but just the way they played said a lot too. The Bucs don't get beat by a lot, they hang tough, which is what they need to do the rest of this season, they need to just get lucky, and have faith. Who knows what a win against the Broncos could mean for them next week, all I can say is that it's a lot more important game for them then it is to Denver. If they DID make the playoffs, perhaps they'd be the third coming of the wildcard Packers/Giants teams.

Chances they win superbowl: 35:1

#9 will come later when I'm bored. Tell me if you want me to trend you in these.
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Btw, fuck you David for giving the Pats 25:1 odds.



and ily evan < 3
Sent by Steel,Nov 27, 2012
Doug Martin is beast. And get out !!
Sent by egaga911,Nov 27, 2012
I have to say they have made a great comeback this season.  Early on they were making news for being too dirty, now they're making it cause they might make the playoffs. They won't make it past the first round, but just making it to the playoffs should be a step in the right direction.
Sent by khart92,Nov 27, 2012
egaga911, i dont care if you pick the bears or not really, but you do have to make at least one nfc north pick, and since the vikings can't get their crap together, the lions blow games they should win, and even the pack is struggling...
Sent by Steve_Ro,Nov 27, 2012
Lol I'm obviously going to pick the Bears steve_ro, saving a good team for last
Sent by egaga911,Nov 27, 2012
They are really an interesting team, aren't they? At this point, I don't really know if they have a better team than Seattle, but they are fully capable of doing well down the stretch. I am so excited to see what both wild card races. Don't know if they can make a Super Bowl run, but then again, I said that about NYG and GB.
Sent by CHAD814,Nov 27, 2012
i think they are over rated TBH get  a couple wins and there saying there great and superbowl ccontenteders
Sent by avatar3939,Nov 27, 2012
Sent by Aquamarine,Nov 28, 2012
Sent by Aquamarine,Nov 28, 2012

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