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NFL Playoff Prediction #2

Nov 25, 2012 by egaga911
The Atlanta Falcons, what's their freaking deal?
Honestly, I love how the Falcons make every game they play so fricken difficult. It's like they want to make their games super entertaining and give Matt Bryant all these chances at game winning field goals. Matt Ryan not ever winning a playoff game and handing interceptions away like he did in a game against the Cardinals may be a problem, but really, that's not his fault. Matt Ryan is GREAT, he is the next big thing, but it's gunna have to take a little more consistency from Roddy White and Julio Jones. And it's gunna have to take a little more intelligence from Matt Ryan. If either White or Jones hasn't been open the whole game, GO TO YOUR GREAT TIGHT END TONY GONZALEZ! The fact that the player with the most receiving yards on their team has been different on a weekly basis with the exception of one two week period is great news for the Falcons.

They have talent but they can be better, their defense is great, but it shouldn't matter how great it is because I know their offense can really light a team up. Matt Ryan needs to shut off the critics, relax, and play his game. The Falcons other big problem is running... Michael Turner could be used in their offense so much better, but overall, they have pretty good team chemistry.

Chances they win superbowl: 6:1

#3 will come later when I'm bored. Tell me if you want me to trend you in these.
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i've always loved the falcons they look strong
prayin fer dem
Sent by SSDZ,Nov 25, 2012
Nfl is my life.
Too bad im a dolphins fan living in a house full of pats fans xd
Sent by Lemjam6,Nov 25, 2012
mmm I think Falcons will lose cuz they always have close games.
Sent by Caliboy,Nov 25, 2012
Imo they are a great team, they have one of the top 3 offense in the league, but that's in the regular season. Playoffs come and they look like chiefs.
Sent by khart92,Nov 25, 2012
They have no wow factor there coordinators arent great i dont see them doing great in the playoffs smith needs to be fired its his fault he has some of the best talent in the league and he has the, playing barely above average football every week, unless they step up there game for the playoffs which i doubt he should leave
Sent by sirbeastly,Nov 26, 2012
egaga911 not buying into the falcons at all.... 49ers, bears, and giants are the 3 that i'd watch out for in the NFC.
Sent by BrendonByrne,Nov 26, 2012
Sent by Ev32,Nov 26, 2012

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