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NFL Playoff Prediction #7

Nov 27, 2012 by egaga911
My hometown New England Patriots.
I'm not going to be biased, I'm going to be realistic. Tom Brady is still on top of the MVP watch and he doesn't even have Gronk to throw to. Did that effect him much? Nope, Tom the Terrific always finds someone to throw to, like Welker, and he ended up leading all fantasy scorers the past week still. I haven't even got to the Pats defense either, talk about opportunistic. The players on this defense have been taught to go for the ball, and force turnovers, and clearly it's worked. The two leaders in the NFL in forced fumbled with 5 both come from the Patriots: Rob Ninkovich and Brandon Spikes. Rookie Chandler Jones adds in another 3 forced fumbles and 6 sacks. Jerod Mayo leads the NFL in tackles with 112. Basically what I'm trying to say is, if you thought the Patriots defense had problems, you're wrong. Ask Andrew Luck and the Colts and Mark Sanchez and the Jets if you don't believe it.

Yes, we allow offenses to get yards against us, we have a weak secondary, but hopefully fitting in Aqib Talib and getting some other players back healthy will fix that up. Plus, our points for verses points allowed differential is +163, the next closest is San Francisco with +121. Our offense has scored a whooping 407 points, where as the next closest (Houston) has scored 327. I'm not going to dive into it much, but lets not forget the fact that the Patriots could be undefeated right now, if it weren't for some uncharacteristic, costly mistakes. The three games we lost were by a combined margin of 4 freaken points. Once we get Gronk back and have him and Hernandez together again finally, we will be deadly.

Chances they win superbowl: 6:1

#8 will come later when I'm bored. Tell me if you want me to trend you in these.
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waiting for the bills!
Sent by BB5lover,Nov 27, 2012
Sent by Steve_Ro,Nov 27, 2012
Mmm I do think they do well and make it close for sure.
Sent by Caliboy,Nov 27, 2012
Tbh I don't like the patriots but this is true :x
Sent by BassAbsol,Nov 27, 2012
When put up against a top team this season they haven't played well at all. They will get a first round bye, not sure if they will make the afc championship game this year though.
Sent by khart92,Nov 27, 2012
Broncos and Colts and we had the Ravens khart92
Sent by egaga911,Nov 27, 2012
Yeah man they are well coached and very versatile. Always a dangerous team lol.
Sent by DCSooner,Nov 27, 2012
Every year they are considered overrated. This year, they are being overlooked. Losses have been close, wins have been big! They had a mediocre start, but I think they could beat any team they played RIGHT NOW.
Sent by CHAD814,Nov 27, 2012
go patriots!
Sent by jimboslice,Nov 27, 2012

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