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NFL Playoff Prediction #5

Nov 26, 2012 by egaga911
The San Francisco 49'ers and their QB dilemma.
I knew the Niners were going to beat the Bears Monday night, but not by 25 points. When you talk about San Fran, you talk about a defense led by Patrick Willis, Aldon Smith, and NaVorro Bowman just to name a few. You might as just well play their whole defense for the NFC in the pro bowl because any defense that scores as much points as an all star QB in fantasy football is amazing. Somehow the excellence of the Niners doesn't stop there, as they also have the most rushing yards per game in the NFL and 2 starting QBs.

That's just it though, that's their biggest problem. What's the point of playing Kaepernick when Alex Smith is by far the best average quarterback there is. I love how he is average, he was made for this team, he doesn't have to be amazing because San Fran can run the ball and their defense scores more points then many offenses. So why have controversy and make a problem over the starting QB position when there was never a problem to begin with, Jim Harbaugh? If I was Alex Smith, and was taken out by a concussion, I would be PISSED if I wasn't put right back in once I was healthy, and oh believe me, he isn't a very happy football player right now. Whether this sparks something or puts a halt to the teams progress - only time will tell. Either way, the Niners aren't losing because of a fumbled punt return this year, and San Francisco may have to call up the championship parade again already.

Chances they win superbowl: 7:1

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Sent by Pacers,Nov 26, 2012
hey can someone gift me tht ginger weave?
And it would be my first one!!
Sent by lewy,Nov 26, 2012
They are a great team, but I still can't get over how badly they played against the Giants earlier this year and then they tie with the Rams. It's those two games that make me wonder if they are a super bowl team. Granted they will make the NFC championship again this year, but i'm still not sold on if they can pull it out.
Sent by khart92,Nov 26, 2012
i agree with khart you gotta beat the rams unless it's ur rebuliding season or you really suck if they play like that in the playoffs they'll get crushed
Sent by avatar3939,Nov 26, 2012
well with smith they baby him and simplify the play book
but its more open for kapernick
which means more points
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Nov 26, 2012
fun :P
Sent by sirbeastly,Nov 26, 2012
Kapernick is great as was shock on starting him, but seeing the Saints game, its no wonder why due to the playbook and different combinations we could do. but love Alex Smith too, for actually met the guy and got his autograph! I like our odds, and believe by the playoffs we wont be playing like we did against the Giants nor the rams.. Has anyone seen or known about the SF Giants and their faith???

Yeah same chemistry can and most likely will build and happen :)
Sent by Caliboy,Nov 26, 2012
if smith and kaepernick fuck up game fucking over
Sent by SSDZ,Nov 26, 2012
Sent by Ev32,Nov 26, 2012

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