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NFL Playoff Prediction #1

Nov 25, 2012 by egaga911
The all praised and amazing Houston Texans REALLY AREN'T that fucking amazing.
Sure if you consider barely scratching by a 1-9 team in overtime, and allowing a QB named Chad Henne, who was just warming up the bench 2 weeks ago, to light your defense up for 354 yards and 37 points good, then you're great! If you believe that winning against the Lions (who blew about an infinite amount of game winning field goals) SOLELY due to a terrible NFL officiating rule, then yeah, you're a great team.

Come on guys, the Texans defense isn't even there anymore, if it ever was. I give J.J. Watt all the props in the world, he is incredible, but Matt Schaub is not and never will be. The only reason he got 527 yards against the Jaguars was because they couldn't stop the Jaguars offense AT ALL, and they needed a whole overtime to finally win. If you gave any real elite quarterback 16 drives and more then 41 minutes of offense, he would easily get 600 yards. The Texans can have home field through the playoffs all they want, but as a real team like the Packers showed them, it won't work too well.

Chances they win super bowl: 11:1

#2 will come later when I'm bored. Tell me if you want me to trend you in these.
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5/1 is way too much,   should be 10+/1
Sent by Chlltownofcourse,Nov 25, 2012
trend me in these
and i agree they are not as good as presented
especially their defense
but their offense has stepped up their game
Sent by SSDZ,Nov 25, 2012
and trend me in these please id like to see the rest :)
Sent by Chlltownofcourse,Nov 25, 2012
You say how good they are then give them a 5/1 odds like thats pretty good odds
Sent by Survivor8,Nov 25, 2012
Sent by Survivor8,Nov 25, 2012
survivor8, lol the AFC sucks, so if they got to the superbowl it only takes one play, plus underdogs in a superbowl is what I dig.
Sent by egaga911,Nov 25, 2012
5/1? lolno
Sent by Steel,Nov 25, 2012
trend me and u bETTER not DISS my 49ers :>(
Sent by Caliboy,Nov 25, 2012
OMG haha I just had to look up odds
chlltownofcourse, survivor8, steel.
changed it!!
Sent by egaga911,Nov 25, 2012
omg I was pretty close egaga911 i didnt even look lol
Sent by Chlltownofcourse,Nov 25, 2012
I disagree with all of this Every team in he nfl has had a bad week and in there's they won
And the giants were horriable in some of last seasons game but still won the Super Bowl 1/5 is great odds btw any team would be ecstatic to take it
Sent by avatar3939,Nov 25, 2012
No I didn't change it to something online, I made up that number, I just didn't fully understand how odds worked chlltownofcourse
Sent by egaga911,Nov 25, 2012
ohhh haha ok gotcha
Sent by Chlltownofcourse,Nov 25, 2012
Ravens? Patriots? Texans?
Some of the best teams in the nfl
But all afc...

I'm not a fan of the texans but thy deserve some credit u could make this blog about any team
Sent by avatar3939,Nov 25, 2012
not basing my prediction off those games, just basing it off of the fact that they haven't gone anywhere in their history, and that nothing has changed enough so that they will now. Matt Schaub having a good game against the Jaguars doesn't prove anything to me, if he DESTROYED the Broncos in their first playoff game this year, that'd be different, maybe that would prove something. avatar3939.
Sent by egaga911,Nov 25, 2012
and also, I had to fix my odds, I didn't think too long on 5/1 I have no clue, but that's way too high. Also, the Ravens have played deep in the playoffs, the Patriots have been to superbowls. If other teams had the Texans luck, then they would be undefeated.
Sent by egaga911,Nov 25, 2012
Haven't they been around for 10 years? Not that much history tbh
Sent by avatar3939,Nov 25, 2012
I agree the last couple of games was won by luck but I live by one stantered : scoreboard idc if 1 team outplayed another,  if ur better prove it
Sent by avatar3939,Nov 25, 2012
wow -15 ok.
Sent by heatherbear,Nov 25, 2012
WAIT WHY HEATHERBEAR :s I just don't think they have proved anything yet haha
Sent by egaga911,Nov 25, 2012
LOL i live in Houston. egaga911
Sent by heatherbear,Nov 25, 2012
i +15'd the other though to even it out. ;)
Sent by heatherbear,Nov 25, 2012
I want to see the texans with a hard scheduale, they would look like little kids on the field. They have the top rb and a top wr and a defense that used to be good. They will lose in their first playoff game.
Sent by khart92,Nov 25, 2012
how good was chad henne this week..
Sent by sirbeastly,Nov 26, 2012
I'm not buying into your comment about Schaub not being good......... egaga911

But i do agree they have had some escape wins against poor teams.
Sent by BrendonByrne,Nov 26, 2012
Their offense is amazing though!
Sent by Ev32,Nov 26, 2012
trend me plz
Sent by blazermaniac94,Dec 10, 2012
Ok fck you. Texans are awesome and they do not suck ok
Sent by jakehou97,Dec 10, 2012

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