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I think it's time. Sep 17, 2013
Nothing much to it.
When I graduate college some day some people are going to have a bunch of shit they've done on their resume to get a job and I'm going to have tengaged. Think it's time to fix that for good.
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Don't You Love That Person Sep 15, 2013
imageOn your survivor tribe who does this:

*gets 2200 in endurance*

*gets 350 in starflakes*
Omg guys forgive me I had a glitch and one of my flakes didn't count @_@

*gets perfect in guitar*
Aw shit well I could have done better :/

*Gets 75000 in match 3*
Wow I saw one more match but my board glitched, I'm pissed!

Post other examples or someone who does this!!
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NFL Gift Giveaway Sep 6, 2013
So NFL week 1 is this Sunday and I wanna have a little fun. Multiple people may be put on my gift list - all you have to do is guess the correct winning team for each of the following 7 football games I have listed for Sunday afternoon through Monday night.

The 7 games you have to pick the correct winner for are:

1. Cincinnati Bengals @ Chicago Bears (1:00PM EST)
2. Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints (1:00PM EST)
3. Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns (1:00PM EST)
4. Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers (4:25PM EST)
5. New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys (8:30PM EST)
6. Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins (MONDAY 6:55PM EST)
7. Houston Texans @ San Diego Chargers (MONDAY 10:15PM EST)

For example my picks would be Cinci, Atlanta, Cleveland, Green Bay, Dallas, Washington, and San Diego.

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Oh Hi Aug 31, 2013
imageIt's Britney bitch
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What's going on!! Aug 2, 2013
73 days later haha. So hey!! I just realized that this Sunday being my 19th birthday means that it's also my 3 year anniversary on here! I just wanted to check up on my old friends and get on here before I head off for a few days to go hiking. I sincerely miss many of the people on here who have good hearts and I also pray any hatred some may have had for me has gone. I've basically just been working at the humane society a ton for 6 freaken months now (time fliesssss!) which has been an amazing experience and taught me so much and I'm starting to prepare to go back to college at the end of the month! I wanna tag most - but not all - of my buddies I care for and am thinking of in this blog asap just to say a big HI!

axkxaxbatman survivorfan12 ellebellx13 mooocoww connorthomson ea31 lafiercebrittany2 insanity dansterdan jenniibabyx taylorstlouis mexash mhens vikejk17 brendonbyrne the_domany clueliz khart92 semajdude dcsooner star_dazzle austin ronron313 (fucking MISSSSS you ron) kaay titan24maniac vh1luvr15 survivor8 ivannbabyx turney1805 and last but not least at all diamondsarentforever (plz be my friend again) 

love you all and the other 100 I can't tag

Also, gooooooo Amanda, J-U-DD, and Aaryn in BB15.
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Without Further Ado Mar 12, 2013
TV Star is bought and now I'm logging out for a pretty long time, most likely for good! :D

I bought Blood and TV Star, which I barely did because it seems like I'm forcing myself to do it so I can leave, but it finally completes the accomplishment, and now there is really no point in doing more. I would go for a shop but it's too much, and when it's all said and done what does it accomplish. As time went on here, while I got better in games, I became more addicted to seeing this site daily. I would log out and stay off for a day or more when I was busy, but when I had nothing going on, I would stay on for way too long. It's not a good way to get anything done. I need to clear the thinking of logging on here from my head, and a lot of the things said here are just unnecessary and rude. On the other side, many people here are meaningful and I have ways to keep in touch :).

I actually talked to ntakhar12 recently a bit about her leaving, and she knew now she was never coming back online here, because it's just not something you want describing you or ruining opportunities in your life.

As my profile says: Hello, my name is Forrest. Forrest Gump. Momma said that the Forrest part was to remind me that sometimes we all do things that, well, just don't make no sense.

Peace friends.
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