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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

entering my sweetness era

8thFeb 17, 2024 by daveycool
pyn, i'll give a compliment if you wish 🤗
icristian omg cristian... we played together recently and i only heard good things about you before our relationship was tested. eres tan leal y tan simpatico. relajate tambien. me encanta tu energia
jaylen i mean i always have room in my heart for a Benito lover, we haven't even played games together. but i love the .es community so much 😭😭  you and your friends are good people to me
thirteen hey 🩷 one of the few i message on here from time to time. lollll you're so interesting to me. i love your POV. cute family, nice horror movie obsessions
bomberv you're like actually insane LOL , it was fun to play our one game together. streets say your comp scores are pretty impressive, despite what u say 🤭
systrix i don't know you 😭 i see ParvatiS in your bio though, she's really funny sjhsjshs. nice avatar 💋
park Jamal <3 to me it seems you're always very passionate in whatever you get yourself into. i wish you the best of luck whenever u enter stars bb😭
midiaw I mean Ahmad 🤭 you sassy bitch you are so ridiculous to me 🤣. You vs Barbie was iconic, and her not voting for you even after that is why you stay a survivor legend. In america gay slang.. we call you a KI. a KI for sure
beastboy i mean me personally, i've always liked you. since our start where i literally gave my spot on the tribe to you 😭. i didn't like in the few future games we had that you didn't seem to wanna reciprocate the vibe i stay on in games. but to each their own 💓
cheritaisdelicious we've had ups and downs, one thing for sure is your a sv beast! I like the way you articulate yourself and i think you're a Tg staple, legend(?¿). idk but men sure do love to keep your name in their mouths
dorkishbarbi first time i've seen your account on tg lol, but it seems like you're just coming back welcome!! cute avi
arris idk you well! but truly iconic of you to return to the site and take home a stars win. You must've really slayed or ppl love you cause idk if anyone's gathered support that well that hasn't been around for a min
yonaka aw that is unfortunate to hear.. well i watched a bit of your stats vlog. you seem to be on top of your shit congrats! i also got a mail from someone saying to vote you for the win in stars cause i commented idk who to go for. goodluck !! i remember being in one of your first games back. me and my friend carried but you ended up snatching the  win as you should
tommeh208 idk you🥲 so you're in luck ill give you some support in stars this week X. nice avi
Miiaa 🤗🤗 the second we ended up in a game together i knew i wanted to work with you. You're such an all around great ally seriously! You carry power with you and that's something i adore. As a person you were always very sweet to me, a great head on your shoulders. Patient and wise. nós, gays, não tivemos problema nenhum em seguir uma rainha 👸 tu e o fabio são tão queridos! acho que o bruno é capaz de nos deixar em breve, como ele deseja. adoro-vos a todos 😭, ainda bem que arrisquei. e que vos conheci a todos a sério
spikedcurley i love consistency in people. and for sure what's consistent with you is your positivity <3 the example of a great Tg user. SILLY AF in games, spreads your UK charm when u enroll, and you keep it classy x
boysofsummer2005 Jonnnn we met during my frookies days,  we always worked together which i enjoyed. because you weren't insane and played the game for fun and fun is what i'd say it was for sure. it sucks things didn't work out perfectly in 😵‍💫. I was a driving force to get us all together but i didn't want to take control just bring us all in, so it sucks my thoughts for you might've not been shared by all but maybe someday we'll get that chance. i hope you've been doing well since the surgery and other obstacles you've endured
ghostfacegangsta Derek we've rarely played together since we met🥲 but i have a lot of respect for you! more so because you seem to be a chill user. Good to see you thrive in games like stars and stuff! and im sure you're still as kind as you were when i met you <3 have a good day love
Lucas_RFS my stars king. one of the best users i know on here because you're so sweet 😊. like i've seen you put kindness before gameplay LMAO who does that. i really appreciate when you gifted me i was so shocked and no one ever does like 🥹🩷 hehe what i rememebr from games with you i like. You always did an UPDATE thing in casting which i found cute and copied when we weren't in one together, but also you loved using this emoji 🤨🤨 and that used to make me laugh so bad LOL
brookemaddox idk you well mama but you're a friend of a friend so it's 🥰🥰🥰 always. you seem to be a good game player and silly user so yasss. stars mom im sure you'll get your win in no time. making finals like this is very impressive im sure so you just need some luck and timing maybe, gl in this poll!!
daleariel Puta making me write even more 😩 no but of course anything for you dale. You are a great player to be with, consistent and smart and reasonable and chill. Like the bros <3 i love that. eres ferozmente leal. eres un usuario muy amable. te tengo mucho respeto. y eres un rey. I mainly enjoy playing survivor, joining charities and then playing HG from time to time. Im so happy to have met you in Sv, i love connecting with people in that mode but not always many are willing! so thanks for being open to me. like you're so good 😭


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I'm sick so I'm hoping this makes me feel at least a little better lol
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Sure homie
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Top blog?
I am so proud
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Thank you dave love you 🫶 you are amazing ^_^
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