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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Xmas PYN

6thDec 25, 2023 by daveycool
i'll tell you something i appreciate you for. happy holidays all
danyyboy67 black king, you add necessary flavor to TG
farmanu your supportive nature is comforting
survivorfan12 i know nothing about you! i will save you in stars the next time you're up. goodluck x
royaltyy you are crazy in the best way possible. you always check the entertainment box, good or bad LOL
semnome i have always had love for you. you are kind and a smart player, something i always respect. even if at a time you may not have been the most fond of me
midiaw hehe.. ur so sweet but sour when u need to be! you show others respect and overall just good person and good energy with you 馃
admir in games im sure you play to win, but you do make a point to have fun. thats literally what's most imp
anas idk you. and i don't think you were very fond of someone i like in recent stars so i have nothing to say馃槶 besides Merry Christmas!!
almeida008 i love you. playing games with you is like if my irl friends played this dumb shit. your no different than the people i surround myself with in life
princesskandi2014 i hope you had wonderful holidays :) i know nothing about you but your avatar is pretty !
machu you have been so kind to me since the first time you message me in game. i know nothing but smiles and nice energy from you


Sent by danyyboy67,Dec 25, 2023
Sent by FarManu,Dec 25, 2023
me :D
Sent by survivorfan12,Dec 25, 2023
Sent by Royaltyy,Dec 25, 2023
Sent by SemNome,Dec 25, 2023
Me and happy holiday too
Sent by Midiaw,Dec 25, 2023
happy holidays
Sent by Admir,Dec 25, 2023
Merry Christmas!
Sent by Anas,Dec 25, 2023
Thoughs on xtmas?
Sent by Almeida008,Dec 25, 2023
Merry Christmas 馃А馃挌馃А馃挌
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Dec 25, 2023
Sent by Machu,Dec 26, 2023
Sent by Ryon246,Dec 26, 2023

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