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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

in reality

7thJan 22, 2024 by daveycool
a lot of those who hate/look down upon the tribe are just envious. and will never understand the genuine connections formed or gameplay that takes place to secure the bag consistently for a larger group

like its just an American premade really, with a canadian & brit <333. thats no different than any .es or .br vivor premade with 1 or 2 american besties riding along. they've stayed coordinated, good at challenges, and great social players to maintain such high streaks.. why is that frowned upon lol

to diminish their accomplishments is just jealousy, every survivor premade has people willing to join for them, its what you'd wish for yourself if the situations were reversed. tough merges and real gameplay still occurs so to say it isnt earned is just bias.

all the claims are so silly. cracking the code to success in the only game mode I care for and playing with friends... just to have other vivor players and the site act like its such a monstrosity to vote people out, betray people, or do desperate things that weren't morally wrong... look in the mirror. you all do it. its really weird to act on some high horse and try to tear down others characters just because theyre successful at a game they like. i love all TT (minus the one i brought in oop & stank bigbrotherdonny ). its just a game, ntm


survivor is honestly the best game here
Sent by iCristian,Jan 22, 2024
Youre such a cutie 馃┑馃挍
Sent by BlueStar,Jan 22, 2024
thank u for saying this! loves u
Sent by BeastBoy,Jan 22, 2024
icristian exactly. it sucks when people you've never merged with or know nothing about want to tear down your character just to make the narrative in their mind feel right. imagina unirse a survivor para divertirse con amigos s贸lo para que gente al azar mire y critique el juego... qu茅 raro.
Sent by daveycool,Jan 22, 2024
Hugs dad
Sent by Zest,Jan 22, 2024
If collectively you weren't all so arrogant, condescending and holier-than-thou-esque then that group of people wouldn't have gone out of their way to join and ruin the streaks. Less "envious" and more "let me shut down your arrogance".
Sent by ChaaChiing,Jan 22, 2024
Sent by BBlover96,Jan 22, 2024
bryan deciding to ruin their streaks is his own thing. the tribe has had several people try to take it down, he is just the first to succeed lol. like literally so many people sjshsjs. zaymoney tagged my ass bad...... the people who offend TT are envious.. there is a top blog of someone even admitting so rn baby馃拃. if they wanna ruin that's cool. this blog wasn't about them chaachiing
Sent by daveycool,Jan 22, 2024
Pretty much mate :)
V well said
Sent by spikedcurley,Jan 22, 2024
Naaa u know the shit that happens u saw it first hand and even left their chat because of the bs they pulled! Do not act Luke some Saint
Sent by Kiki4ever,Jan 22, 2024
what shit happened first hand
i left because i wanted and there was room to. no bs
Sent by daveycool,Jan 23, 2024
Idc if ppl join with friends my problem is with ppl who throw challenges and fuck over other ppl
Sent by Jasmina,Jan 23, 2024
but if you join with friends are you supposed to just let them go because of a bad swap? that's why the throwing occurs in my case. if i restarted a streak every-time i got a bad swap id never reach a honorable number, that is where teamwork and relying on others comes in. jasmina
Sent by daveycool,Jan 24, 2024

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