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I love getting this Dec 28, 2017
imageBy trying to get something from auctions.
Right, YouAllSuck? :P
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Oop. Apr 25, 2017
(EDIT: I wrote this last Saturday xD)
So I have some things I want to clarify:
- As some of you have known I haven't had internet nor data connection for the past few days (I actually just got it today.) and this has seriously backfired me on the start of this summer break. With me being out on May 3, 4, 7, and maybe 5 and 8, I guess this will serve as my mini break in Tengaged in general. After February and March being the most emotional months of my entire life, graduation and constant group games (Particularly Cmack311's Last Chances), I'm exhausted and I need to relax myself emotionally. You guys can still contact me via Skype but starting May 2nd I'll have it muted until when I come back (Somewhere between May 10th or so.) I've been thinking about leaving Tengaged for a few days now, but I know I'll just come back. So I think I needed this, just because I certainly don't want to leave permanently xD

- This also means that Casino One is canceled and Logan/Cc/West if you want to kill my characters in your respective roleplays then I give you the permission to. (Just make sure I die in an awesome killscene xD JK it depends on who kills me.) Sorry to those who applied and were really excited for my rendition of the anime "Death Parade" (or the OVA "Death Billiards") in Tengaged, but it's a concept that I tried to make it work and failed miserably. It is too less for me to work with and I needed to make massive adjustments for it to work as a RP. Plus, the only RPs anyone give a fuck nowadays are Danganronpas and Kenu's Dark Ones. (and then Zach's set of RPs) I kind of felt responsible for it being like this. Kinda sad that it is now like this but even though I feel like we've gone overboard with these kind of roleplays by now, as long as everyone is fine with it we will continue.

- However, I do have plans for a whole new DR-ish Series when I come back. You can ask me if you want to cohost some too. I did intend to do a DR Series one year after the first successful Danganronpa RP on Tengaged, and I want to stick with it. I don't want to say a lot of it by now so if you want to know my plans PM me cuz I have some big plans.

So yeah I guess those are my plans for the next two months. I don't want to do Survivor Groups for now because I want to focus on RPs when I get back. Hopefully I get the rest that I needed for this two to four weeks. ^-^

Tagging people who need to be informed I guess:


P.S. For those who applied to Casino One I'm allowing you to reuse that character for other series if you'd like. We didn't even start so yeah. Plus all of you have really promising characters. Bella, Jaime, Lukas and Viradie are special mention cuz God they are so promising and hopefully you guys consider using it again in some other RPs.
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S I X T E E N Feb 12, 2017
Happy birthday to myself xD Its currently 1:17 am and I'm sleepy as fuck so let's see what awaits me on this special day :P
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Danganronpa 3 APPS OPEN!!! Jul 5, 2016
After the corruption of the Neo World Program, the Future Foundation are now aware of the return of a more determined Monaca Towa. Four months later, a new Class has arisen. This time, these students are going to a mansion guarded by Maid Joy. Little do they know, they are about to go into a rocky ride of emotions, and continue a story of two spirits who haunt this grand house in the outskirts of Kyoto, Japan.

Kgunzrok and I present to you, the third installment of DJ's Danganronpa Series, Danganronpa 3: ObakeYashi (Haunted Mansion) ~ The Tale of Two Spirits!
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Wow... Jun 12, 2016
Uploading a 15 Second Video for my Third Season of Danganronpa...

Uploading 8% About 1 hour and 54 minutes remaining

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Would Anyone Be Interested May 10, 2016
If I do a second season of Danganronpa? It would be extremely hard for me with school coming up but I wouldn't mind :D You guys may have to consider that I have a 12 hour distance from the EST timeline. Honestly this is one of the reasons why I came back to Tengaged last December so I'm glad that I finally have time doing this.

Tagging every member of the group not in this season:

Tagging people that may be interested:

#DanganronpaV3Hype :D
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