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CES's Big Brother Season 2 Week 1

Jun 14, 2013 by coolexchangestudent
1. Connor [ cjuddy]
2. Janelle [ bigdizzleyomama]
3. Rap [ TheRealSlimShady]
4. Karl [ 13KARL]
5. Migi [ remorawr]
6. Duncan [ Typhlosion37]
7. Dolly [ obey_me]
8. Missy [ Missalice3]
9. Austin [ acftw]
10. Dan [ HungerGamesWin234]
11. Krisna [ krrais]
12. Bobby [ bball38]
13. Roger [ bigbrotherfantic]
14. Sam [ SamSam14]

Everyone walked in the Big Brother house, blindfolded. Even though everyone knows that they are in the house, they don’t know who everyone is and how do they look like. They only have to depend on their ears and mouth for communication. Everyone seemed to be okay with each other but they would gladly like to see each other, which they can’t for the whole week. What they don’t know is that this is a part of the Immunity competition, to know each other by tomorrow. After a quite while, it was announced that the nominations would be decided by everybody but 3. Those 3 people, has immunity has the sole vote of who’s going home. It was also announced that the person who scored lowest in the immunity challenge the next day will be nominated, and everybody else has to vote for 2 more people up for eviction.

Immunity Competition:
(it didn’t fit so don’t blame me blame Microsoft Excel lol)
Part 1:
Part 2:

The people who had immunity went to their special bedroom in special of their victory. Because of being blindfolded, there were no drama whatsoever and they were more eager to know each other more than play the game itself. Yet there is one alliance which is made: Rap and Migi, who targeted Connor and Dan. They were so unsure if they were lying or not; they were so curious at what they look like, as they keep judging by their movements and voices if they look beautiful or not/they are an asshole or not.

In nomination ceremonies, they were given a chance to give 2 points and 1 point to each of the housemates, except the immunity people. Dolly was also not allowed to vote for she is automatically nominated, she will only vote incase of a tie.

Nomination Ceremony:
Connor: Dan [1 pt.], Karl [2 pts.]
Rap: Connor [1 pt.], Dan [2 pts.]
Karl: Roger [1 pt.], Duncan [2 pts.]
Migi: Connor [1 pt.], Dan [2 pts.]
Duncan: Krisna [1 pt.], Dan [2 pts.]
Austin: Migi [1 pt.], Bobby [2 pts.]
Dan: Bobby [1 pt.], Karl [2 pts.]
Krisna: Austin [1 pt.], Migi [2 pts.]
Bobby: Dan [1 pt.], Duncan [2 pts.]
Roger: Bobby [1 pt.], Dan [2 pts.]

Total Points:
Rap – 0
Migi – 1
Austin – 1
Krisna – 1
Roger – 1
Connor – 2
Karl – 4
Duncan – 4
Bobby – 4
Dan – 10
Dolly has decided to nominate Duncan and Bobby to be with her in the block, making it no use for the tiebreaker because the 2 would be in the block anyways. (lolz)

Eviction (VOTE TO SAVE):
Janelle: Dolly
Missy: Dolly
Sam: Dolly
The people who are safe have voted to save….
Bobby! Duncan you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Duncan and everybody else were asked to take off their blindfolds and see each other.

Now that they see each other, what will happen now in the Big Brother house? Find out next time on CES’s Big Brother Season 2!

(jsyk, there was no POV in the first week, the cast and production just went with it, but the next week there will be, sorry for being so slow I had extra work with the Immmunity challenge so yeah, will be faster next time!)

Elimination Order:
14th - Duncan [ Typhlosion37] - 0-0-3 (Vote to Save)



Omg nervous but survived
Sent by obey_me,Jun 14, 2013
Yay! GJ DJ :)
Sent by remorawr,Jun 14, 2013
4 nominations! :O

At least I'm still in. :)
Sent by 13KARL,Jun 14, 2013
yay :)
Sent by Missalice3,Jun 14, 2013

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