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I had a weird dream last night

Jun 12, 2013 by coolexchangestudent
So yeah I was in a dream with all of my classmates we were like the end of the school year in a strange just-opened mall with very strange stuff. Then I walked in a room and saw an ugly picture of a person screaming all over again it was stuck in my head until I walked out. So I walked in with 7 of my classmates to a cinema with a new movie in it and the person who was talking to us told us to be careful because in any minute we could see a girl ghost named "Raha" and get our soul manipulated by the ghost (it wasn't CINEMA 13 for nothing) and JUST THEN a ghost walked in the cinema and haunted everyone. It was also sent a notice in the big screen and the cinema people put a CCTV ongoing video and it sees that the ghost was behind me. It was like the ghost in the "Dire Grove" game in the Mystery Game Files. After I woke up. Cliffhanger wtf.

So yeah it was weird and awkward.


Sent by obey_me,Jun 13, 2013

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