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I Pretty Much Like My School

Jun 20, 2013 by coolexchangestudent
So there's a new rule in our class that everyday one person will be assigned by the teacher to write the noisy ones or w.e (since our school is SO strict and we're so damn noisy in every class) BUT they have to the writer will have to hide their identity because they will also write a punishment if not. It kinda remembers me of "The Mole" because it's like sabotage only like betrayal in friendship or w.e so I REALLY hope I get it some other day cuz I get to show my strategy skills taken from this site.

It started today and after the whole class went beserk at the last quarter because they saw the "writer" (which was actually one of the 3 cover-ups for the real writer) Two of the cover-ups then explained it to me and the irony of me acting dumb because I had no idea of it even though I was BETWEEN the real writer and 2 of the cover-ups. So yeah I felt like I was in this site in school even though there's a "No Gadget/Cellphone" Policy. =D



Multi alert!
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