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Hello, my name is DJ (Deidre Jeide)

Hey guys! You can call me CES, Cool, whatevs though, doesn't matter :D

-I am a proud Filipino ^_^
-Lil Pichu is my bae <3
-Paramore <3

Joined in June 13, 2012
^Notable Group Game Series History^
~ Noah_Kondon's Survivor ~
Greece - Reminiscent Island (Season 3): 5th Place [Came Back from Reminiscent Island After Being Put Against A Whole Tribe]
Cambodia - Second Chances (Season 9): 4th Place [Lasted 54 of 55 Days]
Friends Over Wins (Season 10): 12th Place
Alvard Island (Season 16): 4th Place

~ Cmack's Survivor 3rd Generation (2015-2017) ~
Survivor Fiji (Season 47): 4th Place
Survivor Last Chances (Season 49): 6th Place [Out of 40, Lasted 37 of 39 Days]
*Inducted into Cmack's Hall of Fame (4th Class)

~ The RSF Series: Third Generation ~
Redneck Island [Season 33]: 10th Place (or 19th/20th)
American Grit [Season 34]: 13th Place
Bachelor Pad [Season 36]: 2nd Place [with Rocketokid13]
Rise of the Underdogs [Season 40]: 16th Place
American Grit 2 - Coaches II [Season 45]: 13th Place
Society Game [Season 46]: 17th Place
Big Brother International [Season 47]: 1st Place
Moolah Beach 2 [Season 49]: 3rd Place (with NJKoda1998) [Lime Team with waf_, Black Team with MichelleFitzgerald/Kgamer2218]
Clash of the Champions [Season 50]: 26th Place

~ Turney Time Reality Series/Turney Time Big Brother ~
Boot Camp [Season 14]: 4th Place
Battle of the Seasons 1 [Season 15]: 27th/28th Place (14th Place)
Big Brother Newbie Stars 1 [Season 24]: 9th Place (Walked Due to Dengue Fever)
The Banker [Season 28]: 26th/27th Place
Gauntlet III [Season 47]: 25th Place
Coaches Edition [TTBB 14]: 13th Place
Big Brother International [TTBB 17]: 1st Place (Survived 5 Nominations)

~ NB Reality ~ (2012-2019)
Glass House (Season 2): 5th Place [2nd Most Limbos Survived with Four]
Survivor Caribbean (Season 3): 16th Place [Medically Evacuated Due to Power Cut]
The Inferno (Season 4): Winning Team [Bad Asses with LaFierceBrittany2]
Big Brother Victory House (Season 5): 14th Place
Whodunnit (Season 7): 18th Place
Fresh Meat (Season 8): 9th Place [Dark Green Team with RyanGordon94]
Breakaway (Season 10): 9th Place [Second Most Times in Breaking Point With Five]
Survivor Transylvania (Season 13): 10th Place
Free Agents (Season 16): 14th Place [Tied for Second Most Times in the Draw with Eight]
I Love Money 2 (Season 18): 3rd Place [Second Most Times in the Box with Six]
Liar Game 2 (Season 20): 7th Place [Eliminated in Human Auction]
*6th Overall in the NB Reality Hall of Fame (139 points)

ROLE PLAYS: (If FC is not put in here, then it is an original fan art found on Google.)

• Danganronpa Tiny Town *Host: WestTemp* As Parker Jamison (FC: Kousei Arima) [Executed Chapter 7 "Elevator"]
• Danganronpa The Game Begins *Host: Ruefan11* As Hiroshi Memento (FC: Soma Yukihira) [Executed Chapter 1 "Self Check Out"]
• Danganronpa Imitation Despair *Host: Ccwagu* As Kosai "Iris" Tengan [Survived but Didn't Escape, Later Killed By Illness]
• Danganronpa Despairs Cross *Host: Ccwagu/z3ro* As Yuri Takamiya [Killed Chapter 1]
• Danganronpa Kiri *Host: ccwagu/z3ro* As Haruna Taki (FC: Yuu Haruna) [Shot Chapter 7]
• There's No Place Like Despair *Host: UnicornGoddess98* As Jisoo Park (FC: Kunikida Hanamaru) [Eaten by Wolves, Chapter 6]
The Island of Misfit Ultimates *Host: UnicornGoddess98* As Greta Payne [Survived]

[KENUVERSE] *Host: Kenu67*
• The Dark Ones Story 1 As Joanna Maple (FC: Lily Macapinlac) [Survived]
• The Dark Ones Story 2 As Allysandra Constantine (FC: Pokimane) [Killed Chapter 2]
• ¿Who? As Ricardo Milagros (FC: Daniel Radcliffe) [Voted as Killer, Electrocuted Chapter 2]
• Life After As Dennis Wales (FC: Anthony Padilla) [Eaten by Savages, Chapter 3]

• The 38th Annual Hunger Games *Host: Stunzer* As May Parker [Died Day 4]
• Earthland Realms The End *Host: EllieC13* As May Parker (FC: Dove Cameron) [Survived]
• X-Men The Next Generation *Host: Flamergamer8* As Moira Cassidee (FC: Alodia Gosiengfiao) [Survived]
• Riverdale Season 3 *Host: Rain848* As Melanie Kinnebrew (FC: Danielle Panabaker) [Survived]
• Cold Cases Story One *Host: RyanAndrews* As Yuna (FC: Yurisa) [Neck Snapped, Chapter 4]

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