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UiD: Huntington Arc: Repentance for Despair

Danganronpa 4: Seven Deadly Sins: Repentance for Despair
Clarke’s first killing game was a purging for the traitors, the backstabbers of the world. He wanted more; to make the world pure for Ultimates to thrive! So, began the Purge  3 years later. He collected the worst of the worst and those searching for forgiveness, and dropped them off to 7 of the most notorious cities in the world. One by one, killed off for their sins. Will these transgressors be able to atone for their sins, or be stuck in purgatory till the end of time?

~Accepted Sinners~
•Agni Ashe|24|M|Pyrotechnician|Wrath|UnicornGoddess98
•Sophia Anne Wolfe|32|F|Former Composer|Greed/Pride|UnicornGoddess98
•Ume Halabe|20|F|Bellydancer|Lust|UnicornGoddess98
•Jericho Dericon|58|F|Abbess|Pride|kgunzrok
•Sotan Igarashi|29|M|Former Surgeon|Wrath/Envy|kgunzrok
•Jax Mendel|26|M|Construction Worker|Envy|bigdizzleyomama
•Jun Maiko|19|M|Mukbanger|Gluttony|bigdizzle
•Yuzuru Nakamura|19|F|Former Lucky Student|Sloth|TomokoKuroki
•Mikami Natsume|26|F|Game Show Host|Greed|rodrigueseve
•Trevor Blackstone|33|M|Drill Sergeant|Wrath|Logie56
•Dean Matlock|28|M|Dungeon Master|Sloth|AintItFun
•Ikaru Nakamura|21|M|"Historian"|Envy|Noxity
•Hachi Hiyashi|19|M|Gardener|Pride|Noxity
•Sora Torii|20|M|Herbalist|Wrath|spinfur
•Ema Asamo|22|F|Espionage|Greed|RyanAndrews
•Haruki Murata|18|M|Hitman|Gluttony/Greed|Symmetry888
•Mia Keizai|18|F|Stockbroker|Greed|Tyboy666
•Chloë Theá|19|F|Harpist|Lust/Pride|kittykhaleesi
•Hugo Versailles|27|M|Biologist|Pride|Rennac
•Alanna Echeverría|27|F|Cosplayer|Lust|dvs194
•Amaterasu Nishi|22|F|Linestander|Sloth|Absol

Robot Soldiers

~Dead Sinners~

Prologue: Mind Your Vices and Virtues
Chapter 1: Plutus and His Wheel of Fortune (Greed)
Chapter 2: ???
Chapter 3: ???
Chapter 4: ???
Chapter 5: ???
Chapter 6: ???
Chapter 7: ???
Epilogue: ???

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