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VL: Ryan's Survivor: Codajas

This is the Viewer's Lounge of Ryan's Survivor Codajas. We can discuss everything going on in the game. The rules for this group as follows:

1. Any form of leakage whether it's from a confessional, giving commentary to someone in the game or vice versa will lead to a lifetime ban.  This will include both the viewer's lounge and the series itself.

2. I will not accept inappropriate behavior.  I don't mind y'all joking around and saying random shit but if I see someone is crossing the line you'll be removed from the viewer's lounge for the remainder of the season.

3. If you're not actively posting in the lounge within a one week span, you'll be removed from the lounge as I only want to keep those who are active and invested in here.  I understand that some people just join for sweepstakes but I want to have active viewers in return.

4. If you happen to pull a TotsTrashy (In Ben's series) which is having a hacked account/multi in the game while still being in the VL, you will be given a lifetime ban to series and will end up on my filter list.

5. If you are in the game/got voted out in the current season, you will not be accepted into the group until the season is over.

Let's have a great time discussing the moves, players, and more!


-Robin H/Robinhood99 (Hawaii)
-Red C/RedChaos (Mamanuca)

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VL: Ryan's Survivor: Codajas

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