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  40. Lolz


Jan 14, 2016 by coolexchangestudent
You're bringing this up again? Why do you think I'm a multi because I was going to quit and you don't want anyone to see my rant? WOW What host you are!


if lying helps you get through the day(:
you were removed from both groups(:
please don't try and spoil the game for others(:
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jan 14, 2016
WannaBeeFriends I understand my second offense but I WOULD NOT ACCEPT someone accusing me as multi. I'm not trying to spoil the game for others. I'M NOT EVEN IN THE FUCKING VL YOU DUMBASS.
Sent by coolexchangestudent,Jan 14, 2016

not anymore because I removed you.
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jan 14, 2016
WannaBeeFriends then who was the person you removed? UM NOT ME
Sent by coolexchangestudent,Jan 14, 2016

You got the information somehow.
Maybe you didn't have a multi but you were talking with someone from the Secret Group.
Either way, rules are rules and you broke them.
I'm sorry but I'm ending this conversation!
Please have a nice night and don't ruin the game for the others! That's all I ask!

If you really wanted to "quit" like you said you did.
Then, you're out! Congrats! You got what you wanted!
You should be happy now please be a good sport and not ruin everyone else's experience!
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jan 14, 2016

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