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~DanganRonpa Series~
Season 1 "Tiny Town" 🏘️
💸Chris "Cheap Thrills" Sia
💉Quinn "Titanium" David Guetta
🥊Eastan "How To Be A HeartBreaker" Marina and the Diamonds
👙Ash "Sit Still, Look Pretty" Daya
🙏Lief "Say Something" A Great Big World
😈Nate "Bad 4 Us" Superfruit

Season 2 "Revenge of Tiny Town" 🏚️
🇱🇷Amanda "Elastic Heart" Sia
👳Abdul "Rise" Katy Perry
🤦Tabitha "Most Girls" Hailee Steinfield
💣Boom "Girls, Girls, Boys" Panic! At The Disco (A Bisexuals Anthem)
🐝Emile "Human" Christina Perri
🐻Teddy "Gingerbread Man" Melanie Martinez
🐼Kaleb "Somebody That I Used To Know" Gotye
🔎Derrick "1-800" Logic

Season 3 "Tiny Town Remastered" 💥
🍔Richie "Sick Boy" The Chainsmokers
🕊️Nico "Praying" Kesha
💋Yasmin "Confident" Demi Lovato

Season 4 "Tiny Town of Lies" 🎥
🗡️Kunai "Alive" Sia
🎃Boo "Sorry" Halsey
🤴Hank "Kill Em With Kindess" Selena Gomez
👸Maddison "You Don't Own Me" Grace Ft. G Eazy
😞Britney "Here" Alessia Cara
💄Enrique "Youth" Troye Sivan

Season 5 "Heroes Vs Villains" 🔒
🏋️‍♀️Lacey "G.U.Y" Lady Gaga
👨‍🚒Benny "Mister Glassman" Scotty Sire
💊Dream "Soap" Melanie Martinez
🤔Kaoru "Stone Cold" Demi Lovato
👿Malcolm "Learn To Let It Go" Kesha

Season 6 "The New Generation" 🎒
👁️‍🗨️ Scary "Soon We'll Be Found" Sia
🏊Damien "Daddy Issues" Demi Lovato
⚗️Vinny "Yellow Flicker Beat" Lorde
🎱Half "Goodbye From Lonely" Superfruit

Season 7 "Resurrection" 👻
💃 Alice "S.L.U.T" Bea Miller
😖 Finn "Worth It" Superfruit
✌ Backster "Thunderclouds" LSD
⭕ Trey "Solo" Clean Bandit Ft. Demi Lovato
🌃 Kyra "She's So Gone" Naomi Scott
👺 Mikey "Sucker For Pain" Imagine Dragons
🔫 Aster "In The Name Of Love" Bebe Rexha

Season 8 "The End" ☠️
Ash 🖤
Quinn 🖤
Derrick 🖤
Emile 🖤
Tabitha 🖤
Amanda 🖤
Richie 🖤
Alice 🖤
Trey 🖤
Dream 🖤
Kaoru 🖤
Vinny 🖤
Damien 🖤
Scary 🖤
Backster 🖤
Boo/Alex 🖤

Season 9 "Chaos Town" ♾
😡 Luke "Pompeii" Bastille
🔧Marble "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" BlackKids
🌹Douglas "Wait A Minute!" Willow Smith
☮️ Wolfgang "Mowglis Road" Marina
⚔️ Spike "Not Ok" Kygo
📕 Shoji "Here's To The Zero's" Mariana's Trench
🎂 Rocco "To Be Human" Marina

Season 10 "Winter Town" ❄️


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