Danganronpa: Back To The Past.

Host: Bogdizzleyomama
Cohost: Bogmetry888

In the late 80s children have started to get kidnapped and go missing. With the recent disappearances people have become paranoid that their children will be next. Now a group of teens have been kidnapped and find themselves in an abandoned town with no contact to the outside world and to make things worse they have to kill each other if they wish to survive. Will they fall and become cold blooded killers or will they fight back and rebel?

Neil Frankfort // Ultimate Special Effects Designer (Bigdizz)
Naoko "Nao" Fuse // Ultimate Herpetologist (Symmetry)
Christopher Wallace // Ultimate Fisherman (Sirniceguy)
Coco Milan // Ultimate Beauty Guru (Ajathekween)
Sora Amari // Ultimate Spy (Dawnpeacly)
Lincoln Provolone // Ultimate Pizza Delivery Boy (Demgirl)
Kyo Hamasaki // Ultimate Pirate (Foxy_Piplup)
Barrie "Bard" Noel // Ultimate Disco Dancer (Spinfur)
Asuka Saito // Ultimate Sharpshooter (Marglyn)
Rylee Haines // Ultimate Librarian (Lafiercebrittany)
Shawn Fleishman // Ultimate Cat Burglar (Logie)
Mitsuki Nishi // Ultimate Linestander (Absol)

Ch 1 -
Jeffrey Carbone // Ultimate Cook (Bvance) Cause of Death: Asphyxiation  - pg 175 - Killed by Allen
Allen Retch // Ultimate Thrillseeker (Mudkip) - Cause of Death: Eaten by Shark - pg 277 - Executed
Ch 2-
Jillian Honosoko // Ultimate Graffiti Artist (Coolkat) Cause of Death: Blood loss/choking  - pg 179 - Killed by Franky
Franky Donatello // Ultimate Hop Scotch Player (Bigdizz) Cause of Death: Acid To The Face- pg 311 - Executed
Ch 3 -
Chris Harris // Ultimate Priest (Nathorix): Cause of Death: Caught in mouse trap - pg 123 - Killed by Janet
Haruka Amari // Ultimate Magician (Khloefaith): Cause of Death: Head Trauma - pg 124 - Killed by Chris
Janet Skinner // Ultimate Crane Gamer (Symmetry): Cause of Death: Crushed - pg 247 - Executed

Chapter 1 "Destination Unknown" - Complete
Chapter 2 "Total Eclipse of The Heart" - Complete
Chapter 3 "Somebody's Watching Me" - Complete
Chapter 4 "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" - August 19 6:30PM EST
Chapter 5 "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)"
Chapter 6 "Thriller"

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Danganronpa: Back To The Past.

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