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Danganronpa: Back To The Past

Host: Bogdizzleyomama
Cohost: Bogmetry888

Its 5 years after the last attack in the 90s and things are way cooler now. The stiffs have even got a new budget which is why this time the teens are trapped in a holiday resort! With some familiar faces and a troll doll telling them they have to kill will anybody get out alive?

Cast List:
Red Turbo // Ultimate Power Ranger Fan (Bigdizz)
Arabella Frankfort // Ultimate Mood Ring Reader (Sym)
Rhea Frieling // Ultimate Experimental Musician (Sirnice)
Rin Tatsumi // Ultimate Dumpster Diver Fashionista (Demgirl)
Brenda Goodhead // Ultimate 80s Stan (Turkey)
Rain Boy // Ultimate Worm Fiddler (Ninjohn)

Ch 1 -
Geena Auguena // Ultimate Stacker (Yusuke) Cause of Death: Head Exploded - pg 17 - Killed by Luna and Solina
Cranky Donatello // Ultimate Hangman Player (Bigdizz) Cause of Death: Blood Loss - pg 200- Killed by Yeriana
Yeriana Hwang // Ultimate Boondoggle Maker (Alexa) Cause of Death: Impalement - pg 308 - Executed
Ch 2 -
Atsuko Inoue // Ultimate Haiku Poet (Foxy) Cause of Death: Poisoned - pg 177 - Killed by Preston
Preston Fencrest // Ultimate Frisbee Player (Ribbons) Cause of Death: Crushed - pg 283 - Executed
Ch 3 -
Alana Richards // Ultimate Female Witch (Aja) Cause of Death: Stabbed In Chest - pg 148 - Killed by Alana
Akito Ishii  // Ultimate Photographer (Marg) Cause of Death: Head Injury - pg 150 - Killed by Alana
Ch 4-
Dilly Tilly // Ultimate Yo-Yo Player (coolkat) Cause of Death: Strangled - pg 103- Killed by Brett
Brett Dunker // Ultimate Drug Producer (Bigdizz) Cause of Death: Punctured Organs - pg 103 - Killed by Kuro
Kuro Kuwahara // Ultimate Haunted House Worker (Sym) Cause of Death: Chemically Dissolved - pg 176 - Executed
Ch 5-
Jackson Powell // Ultimate Reality Television Star/Underwear Model (Logie) Cause of Death: Stabbed - pg 123 - Killed by Christian
Christian Donnel // Ultimate Writer (Camel) Cause of Death: Cooked - pg 191 - Executed
Ch 6 -
Elias Murchoff // Ultimate Male Witch (Spin) Cause of Death: Injected With Acid - pg 123 - Killed by Ai
Lucien Monette // Ultimate Mystic (Absol) Cause of Death: Injected With Acid - pg 126 - Killed by Ai
Ai Ito // Ultimate Ghost Girl (Dawnpeacly) Cause of Death: Eaten Alive - pg 129 - Executed

馃捒 Finale Character Themes 馃捒
Red - Self Inflicted by Katy Perry
Arabella - Little Things by Allie X
Rhea - Sleepwalker by Bonnie McKee
Elias - The Wolf by SIAM脡S
Ai - Real Boy by Lola Blanc
Rin - That Bitch by Bea Miller
Brenda - Alone, Pt. II by Alan Walker and Ava Max
Rain Boy - The Sticks by Mother Mother
Lucien - Doom Days by Bastille

Chapter 1 "Thunderstruck" [X]
Chapter 2 "Virtual Insanity" [X]
Chapter 3 "Genie In A Bottle" [X]
Chapter 4 "Spiderwebs" [X]
Chapter 5 "Lithium" [X]
Chapter 6 "Escapade" [X]

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Chapter 6 Escapade
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