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3rdJan 5, 2016 by brandonpinzu
Like LOL, I literally haven't even been active on Tengaged in the past little while.

Who gives a shit about what happened when JustMe, Johneh and I were staff because we will never be staff again and it's not like any of us even want to be anyway.

It's just going to be what I say vs what they say and there's no need to get into all of it.


rim me
Sent by RoboZoe,Jan 5, 2016
i talk about you all day long im sorry :(
Sent by Thumper91,Jan 5, 2016
Sent by zachbbs,Jan 5, 2016
Cause I am so active in all my chats, zachbbs.
Sent by brandonpinzu,Jan 5, 2016
not sure, zachbbs brought you up randomly
Sent by Piddu,Jan 5, 2016
LOL everytime I log on someone is attacking me brandonpinzu Cus of something you've told them.....  IJS
Sent by JustMe,Jan 5, 2016
ew oc
Sent by Holybible,Jan 5, 2016
I mean you're a chronic liar lol BrandonPinzu
Sent by zachbbs,Jan 5, 2016
+15 'cause this holds true for all 3 of us.
Sent by Johneh,Jan 5, 2016
I literally have no idea what you're talking about zachbbs. I literally said nothing and now you're attacking me for being some sort of liar when I have not even said shit about the mod thing for months lol like what
Sent by brandonpinzu,Jan 5, 2016
JustMe brandonpinzu I think the 3 of us can agree that rando is the root of all the problems we had... think about it.

zachbbs Log off, as much as I like you telling people to go kill themselves over an opinion they have online is ridiculous, you're letting this website make you toxic and emotional, seriously log off.
Sent by Johneh,Jan 5, 2016

We had issues, we disagreed, but everything all started from his inactivity.
Sent by brandonpinzu,Jan 5, 2016
brandonpinzu Literally everything (and this sounds so childish but frankly it's true) was because of him in my opinion... not giving you IP checking caused issues because Sue had to trust us on her account... him not giving you access to T_Mod at all... not updating the website and the public looking to me to keep everything fresh and new or whatever, the limits I had (which only you two can truly understand) prevented this which is why the community hates me so much now... even to some extent the decision we made to ban you (looking back probs not the best idea, I still maintain randomize would have done the same thing had he actually interacted with us because lesbihonest Brandon you really did do some stupid shit) was his fault because we were forced to make a decision. This website sucks because there are no updates. Carlos is a great guy and we got on well but the lack of interaction and care from him is ultimately why this website can never take off. The first thing I ever told him was that this website had so much potential and it still (kinda, not as much as before) does, he just needs to have an input, communicate with staff and cater for the community.
Sent by Johneh,Jan 5, 2016
omg at you guys bonding :3
Sent by Piddu,Jan 5, 2016
brandonpinzu Let's also not forgot how well we worked together during the period Randomize actually communicated with us (by us I mean me but y'know what I mean).
Sent by Johneh,Jan 5, 2016
how do I get into said millz brandonpinzu
Sent by shawnpat7,Jan 5, 2016
I think we can all agree we had room to improve. I was still fairly active on the site, and for somebody to be a good moderator, they really do just need to not be active on here and have very little connections. It was hard for me to have conversations with my friends while being ME instead of being a MOD if that makes sense... It was hard to balance the two and that is why I didn't like it and why people may have considered me biased.

But, we all had our spots where we could have improved, that's for sure. Johneh and I would completely agree that Carlos was a huge issue with our success.
Sent by brandonpinzu,Jan 5, 2016
brandonpinzu johneh not me I was the perfect mod. Ask mikeRORO
Sent by JustMe,Jan 5, 2016
lmao johneh trying to kiss up to brandon and brandon basically saying fuck u u caused all of this
Sent by snoofle,Jan 5, 2016
Lol you think Johneh don't wanna be staff still
Sent by Brandonator,Jan 6, 2016
it's Tengaged. what do you expect? LOL. I feel your pain.
Sent by tenacious__tim,Jan 6, 2016

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