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Big Brother: US vs UK Twist Announcement

Jul 28, 2014 by boomboom
The cast has been announced, and now it's time to reveal the twist for this season.

This season, the Golden Power of Veto will not be in play.  Instead, this veto will be Diamond, meaning that the veto holder will not only have the power to remove one nominee from the block, but also name the replacement nominee.  Like any other season, the HoH is exempt from being the replacement nominee, and only 6 will get to compete.

That is just the first twist.

The second one is that there will be a snap eviction after the first HoH competition.  The 8 from the US will face off against the 8 from the UK in that competition, where the winner will cast the sole vote to evict one member from the other side.

That's all the twists that the HouseGuests will know initially, but there's more.

During the first 5 weeks, when a HouseGuest is evicted, his/her game is not over yet as he/she will head to the "Halfway House" for a chance at returning to the game.  While inside the Halfway House, he/she can see (but not hear) everything going on inside the house.  Shortly before an eviction, the two evictees will compete in the "Halfway Faceoff" competition, where the winner will survive another week while the loser is out of the game for good.  The first competition will occur before the week 2 eviction.  The other HouseGuests will not be informed of this until after the week 5 eviction.  Once back in the house, the returnee is allowed to tell any HouseGuests about what he/she saw, but who they share it with is up to them.

That's not all.

The next twist is called "The Cry For Help".  After the veto ceremony, the two nominees are called to the Diary Room (one at a time without warning) and they will be given the option to press the button that will send the cry for help.  At that point, the viewers will be given the power to save one of the nominees from eviction and name the replacement.  The HoH, veto winner and the nominee saved with the veto (if applicable) are not eligible to be nominated.  However, the public can also choose not to save either of the nominees.  It takes just one nominee to press the button for the cry to be sent.  The power can be used up to three times until the final 8.  If the cry is not accepted, it will not count as a use.  This will be announced to the other HouseGuests shortly before the first time that a nominee is saved by the public.  The HouseGuests are not allowed to discuss "The Cry For Help" and are also not allowed to influence the decisions made by the nominees in terms of this power, even after the twist is officially revealed to the HouseGuests.

Finally, the HoH crowned after the first competition will not be the first official HoH; that will be determined by the public.

The vote for the first official HoH will open soon.




not a rip off of my game at all
Sent by dogcalledzak,Jul 28, 2014
What the heck? Too many twists! 0_0
Sent by Rennac,Jul 28, 2014
Sent by PurpleCows,Jul 28, 2014
dogcalledzak I did not know of "your game".  It must be just a coincidence
Sent by boomboom,Jul 28, 2014
These twists :O
Sent by Solinne64,Jul 28, 2014
Ok. After reading ur game it is very different boomboom. So I say I'm sorry. And let's move on no hard feelings
Sent by dogcalledzak,Jul 28, 2014
dogcalledzak Apology accepted.
Sent by boomboom,Jul 28, 2014

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