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Big Brother: US vs UK Week 3

Aug 16, 2014 by boomboom
imageNote: If ANYTHING goes wrong with the polldaddy voting, please let me know ASAP.



Although surviving the previous eviction, Helen still feels uneasy as Matthew would also be trying to target her.  Meanwhile, Danielle is now confused as to why Helen survived the vote since it appeared to be a landslide eviction.  It was unknown to them about who flipped since they thought Brittany and Amber would be voting with them to return the favor and Helen denounced her loyalty to Zach.

Instead of attempting damage control, Brittany decides to tell Matthew & his alliance (with Toya, Danielle and Ashleigh) that she and Amber did keep their word and that Helen's blowup with Zach must be some cover for a secret alliance.  Matthew started getting confused as to who's lying about their votes to evict Pav; he is unsure about whether Helen and Zach do have a secret alliance or if Brittany teamed up with Helen.  Despite this, Matthew decided that Helen would be his target this week.

--Nomination Ceremony--
The key order is as follows:

The last person safe is...

Matthew has nominated Helen and Nicole for eviction.

Matthew nominated Nicole as a pawn to secure Helen's eviction, but would become the new target if Helen won the veto since he doesn't know where he stands with her.

Unlike last week, there would be no chance for Brittany to keep Helen if nominations stay the same as she wouldn't have the numbers; the best that could happen is a tie with Matthew likely evicting Helen.  Meanwhile, Zach has revealed to Matthew and he and Cody did vote Helen out.  Although Matthew still doesn't know who between Brittany and Zach was telling the truth, he is starting to lose trust in Brittany.  Ashleigh, Danielle and Toya are also starting to question Brittany, but while Ashleigh and Danielle still think she could be swayed back once Helen is gone, Toya doesn't want to take any chances as she confirms to Cody and Zach that she cannot trust her anymore and that she wants to work with them.

--PoV Draw--
Matthew: Toya
Helen: Amber
Nicole: Donny

Matthew chose Ashleigh to host the competition.

--PoV Competition--
For this competition, the HouseGuests will be asked to estimate the number of each objects shown in each of the stands, with a smaller display next to it.  Each round, the HouseGuests can choose to either stay or fold.  The ones who stay will be eligible to win a point, but are also eligible to be eliminated.  The HouseGuest closest to the correct answer will win one point, while the one who answers the furthest will be eliminated.  The first HouseGuest to three points, the HouseGuest leading after 7 rounds OR the last one standing will win the Power of Veto.

Matthew: 1539 [fold]
Helen: 1740
Donny: 1762 [fold]
Toya: 2969 [fold]
Amber: 1908 [fold]
Nicole: 238 [fold]

Answer: 915

Since everyone except Helen folded, Helen automatically gets her first point. Had Matthew not folded, he would have earned that point instead.

Matthew: 2198 [fold]
Helen: 1180
Donny: 763 [fold]
Toya: 96 [fold]
Amber: 1009 [fold]
Nicole: 1069

Answer: 432

Nicole gets her first point.  Helen is eliminated.

Matthew: 2845 [fold]
Donny: 813
Toya: 318 [fold]
Amber: 2992
Nicole: 2636 [fold]

Answer: 1909

Amber gets her first point.  Donny is eliminated.

Matthew: 2795 [fold]
Toya: 2842
Amber: 2712 [fold]
Nicole: 2168

Answer: 2833

Toya gets her first point.  Nicole is eliminated.

Matthew: 2412
Toya: 2084
Amber: 1862 [fold]

Answer: 2272

Matthew gets his first point.  Toya is eliminated.

Matthew: 1467
Amber: 130 [fold]

Answer: 2660

Since Amber folded, Matthew gets his second point

Matthew: 1410
Amber: 1040

Both have decided to stay, so a winner will be crowned by the end of this round.

Answer: 252

Congratulations Amber!  You have won the Diamond Power of Veto!

With Amber holding the veto, Helen saw her chance to finally not have to worry about getting evicted as she campaigned to Amber to take her off the block.  Helen was already aware that Amber may have something to do with Pav's eviction.  Amber then told Helen that she and Brittany were the ones that lead the charge to keep her last week.  Helen then tried to sweeten the deal by promising Amber that she would target Zach if she won HoH next week.  However, Brittany tried to talk Amber out of using the veto as it would expose how they voted last week, not knowing that Toya already started plotting against them.  This decision would put a lot of pressure on Amber as it would determine where her loyalty stands (along with Brittany's loyalty). 

While taking Helen off the block would be very risky, there could be a way around keep Helen via taking Nicole off the block, but even that would be dangerous.  Taking Nicole off would not make it obvious to Danielle and Ashleigh about who flipped, while taking Helen off would ensure that she would get Mark on board to vote Zach out.

Amber was incredibly tempted to take Helen off the block as a possible ally, but ultimately decided not to use the veto since she wanted to maintain her loyalty to Matthew's alliance.  Helen was told of this ahead of time, who didn't take it as hard as expected as she already admitted defeat last week.

--Cry For Help--
Both Nicole and Helen were called to the Diary Room individually to decide whether to press the button or not.

Being a "superfan", Nicole is aware that the pawn sometimes gets evicted.  For that reason, she decided to press the button.
Although she knew the public wouldn't save her, Helen decided to also press the button.

The Cry for Help has been sent.

As I said in a previous post, all future "Cry for Help" polls would be on polldaddy.  Here are the links (just copy and paste them):
1. Who should be saved?

2. Who should be the replacement nominee?

Remember to vote carefully!

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house: Helen, Nicole, or someone else?  Who will become the new Head of Household?  Who will win the second Halfway Faceoff: Frankie or Pav?  Find out next time!




Sent by FighterMan,Aug 16, 2014
Pl ppl save Helen
Sent by extermroonator,Aug 16, 2014
I do usually vote but im not goona on polldaddy
Sent by rhysarnie14,Aug 16, 2014

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