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Big Brother 2 Week 2

Dec 13, 2013 by boomboom

HoH: JoJo

Shortly after the HoH competition, Jessie made no hesitation to call out JoJo for flipping on her during the previous eviction and voting Frank out.  JoJo knew that it would be obvious that she did flip, but then told Jessie she didn't need to start "a scene" by calling her out in front of everyone.  Jordan then came to Jessie's defense by telling JoJo that it was stupid for her to flip her vote.  Jessie admitted that she wanted Frank to stay over Ashley (which she decided right before the eviction; she previously wanted Frank gone), and felt that JoJo's decision to lie to her was unnecessary.

Things would get even more heated between JoJo, Jessie and Jordan later that night, which would conclude with JoJo deciding to target Jessie this week and Jordan threatening to self-evict.  Despite both Adam and Laura trying to talk her out of it, Jordan decided that she would self-evict if she doesn't go off the block since she's aware that she will be on the block this week.

The next morning, JoJo had to make her first of three nominations for the week.  There were virtually no surprises as Jessie was chosen as the first nominee.  The reason JoJo lied to Jessie the previous week was that she didn't trust her, although Jessie feels that JoJo is targetting her for personal reasons, which JoJo denied.

Not much talk has went around regarding the other two nominees, although JoJo mentioned Jordan and Adam, who would go up as pawns against Jessie.  However, Hayden and Enzo once again decided to get Laura evicted.  JoJo made it clear with them that she wouldn't put either of them up, but she also stressed that Jessie should be evicted this week, and then Laura the next week.

Nominees (pre-veto): Jessie [first nominee], Adam, Jordan

Coming into this week's veto competition, a lot is on the line for this week's nominees.  Jessie is certain that if she doesn't win the veto this week, she will be evicted.  On the other hand, Jordan makes it clear that she would self evict if no one from her alliance wins the veto

PoV Competition:
The goal of this competition is simple.  The HouseGuests must push a ball up the slope and then catch it on the other side.  The first HouseGuest to do this 300 times in a row will win the Power of Veto.  Each time the ball hits the ground, the counter resets to 0 and the HouseGuest who dropped it must try again.  If a HouseGuest's ball drops 3 times, that HouseGuest is automatically eliminated.  If all but one HouseGuest drops their balls 3 times, then the last remaining HouseGuest will win the Power of Veto by default.

2 HouseGuests were able to reach 300 points: Adam and Danielle.  However, one HouseGuest reached the goal before the other.

PoV Winner: Adam

Although one of her nominees won PoV, JoJo was thankful enough that it wasn't Jessie.  She has agreed with Hayden and Enzo that she would put Laura up as a replacement, but only if Jessie won the veto.  This may not be the case since Jessie lost.

JoJo would eventually decide out of nominating Laura as a replacement as it would be too tempting to keep Jessie over Laura.  Not much information has been brought up about who JoJo would nominate as a replacement, but she would only choose a pawn to make sure that Jessie goes home this week.

At the veto ceremony, Adam has decided to use the veto on himself.  Under the assumption that he would be the most likely to stay against Jessie, Judd was chosen as the replacement nominee.

Jordan initially wanted to self evict, but with the rest of her alliance safe this week, there could be a glimmer of hope that she could stay as well.  Meanwhile, Judd immediately has support from Hayden, Enzo, Nick, Jeremy and Kaitlin while Adam, Cassi and Laura would vote for Jordan to stay.  It would appear that Jessie would be evicted this week, but the HouseGuests from #bb14 (except JoJo) are once again the swing votes.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house: Jessie, Jordan or Judd?  Will Cassi use the Last Minute Key to change the vote?  How will the power shift when a new Head of Household is crowned?  Find out in the next post.

Predict what you think will the outcome would be, and also what your ideal outcome would be (in other words, what you think will happen and what you want to happen).  Please make sure to read the post before commenting.


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