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Big Brother: US vs UK Eviction 1 + Week 2 HoH

Aug 2, 2014 by boomboom

Note: All future public votes will take place on


With Amber nominated next to Frankie, both Zach and Frankie are confident that they would have the votes to get Amber out.  Cody and Zach are sure votes to keep Frankie, and they have assumed that Pav, Helen and Nicole are voting with them too.  While Pav and Helen have confirmed that they will be voting out Amber, Nicole has yet to be clued in despite her distrust against Amber.  Coincidentally, Brittany and Amber are also confident that they have the votes, but to evict Frankie.  Ashleigh and Danielle told Amber before the veto ceremony that they would keep her this week.  Jocasta and Donny are very likely to be swayed to evict Frankie.  As for Mark, Ashleigh has assumed that he would be voting with them.

The fate of the two nominees now rest in the hands of Toya and Matthew, both of whom did not confirm their loyalty to either side.  While they have shown their dislike towards Helen due to her condescending attitude, they fail to see anything benefit from keeping Amber in the house.

Before the vote began, the HouseGuests have been informed of the Cry For Help twist, where the public was given the option of saving either Amber or Frankie (or neither).  Most of the HouseGuests have expected Frankie to be saved from eviction, but this was not to be as the public has decided to take Amber off the block.  This has negated the plan set by Frankie and Zach to get the 7 votes needed.  In Amber's place, Helen was nominated next to Frankie, which really set her off.

Brittany, the current HoH, will only vote in the event of a tie.  Helen and Frankie, the two nominees, are not allowed to vote.

Zach is voting first.

Zach started the plot to get Amber out, but with the plan failing, will he still be able to keep Frankie?
Zach votes to evict Helen.

Amber has been given the opportunity to get Frankie out of the house.  Will she take it?
Amber votes to evict Frankie.

Brittany spared Ashleigh this week.  Will Ashleigh return the favor by evicting Brittany's target?
Ashleigh votes to evict Frankie.

With two HouseGuests loyal to Cody on the block, where will his vote fall tonight?
Cody votes to evict Helen.

-2 votes to evict Frankie and 2 votes to evict Helen-

When Amber was still on the block, Pav agreed to save Frankie this week, but with Helen now on the block, will he still pull through?
Pav votes to evict Helen.

Danielle wants Helen out, but her alliance wants Frankie out.  Will she follow her emotions, or her loyalty?
Danielle votes to evict Frankie.

Jocasta has not sided with Frankie or Helen.  What will she do tonight?
Jocasta votes to evict Frankie.

Ashleigh & Danielle were under the impression that Mark would be voting with them, but will he really?
Mark votes to evict Frankie.

All week, Nicole seemed to be on Frankie's side, but Zach has questioned her loyalty.  Will this change her mind?
Nicole votes to evict Frankie.

Toya has been swayed by Zach to keep Frankie in the house, but with Amber off the block, will she still keep her word?
Toya votes to evict Frankie.

It is official.  With 7 votes to evict Frankie, Frankie will leave the house tonight, but let's see where the other votes fall.
Donny votes to evict Frankie.

Matthew appeared to be siding with Frankie, but given how Toya voted, that may not be the case.
Matthew votes to evict Frankie.

By a vote of 9-3, Frankie, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.

Frankie will be facing off against Chris in the first Halfway Faceoff, which will take place before the next eviction.

--HoH Competition--
Brittany, as the outgoing HoH, you are not eligible to compete this week.

This competition is called "If You're Not In, You're Out".  I will ask a question (with the answer being A or B) and you will answer with what you think the majority would say.  Answer with the majority and you stay.  Answer in the minority and you're out.  If there is a tie, no one is eliminated.  If 8 questions are reached or if we have a final 3, we will advance to the tie breaker round.

Majority Answer: B
Helen, Nicole, Zach, Mark and Amber are eliminated.

Majority Answer: Tie
No one is eliminated.

Majority Answer: Another tie
Once again, no one is eliminated.

Majority Answer: A
Everyone answered A, so everyone moves on.

Majority Answer: B
Cody and Toya are eliminated.

Majority Answer: B
Donny and Ashleigh are eliminated.

Majority Answer: A
Pav is eliminated.

Matthew, Jocasta and Danielle are still in the running as we proceed to the tiebreaker round, where the answer will be a number.  The person who comes closest to the correct number without going over will be the new HoH.

Jocasta: 1713
Matthew: 1115
Danielle: 1006

The correct answer is 1097.

Congratulations Danielle!  You are the new Head of Household!

Who will Danielle nominate for eviction and how will the veto change her nominations?  Find out next time!




Love it
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