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Big Brother 2 Eviction 1 + Week 2 HoH

Dec 4, 2013 by boomboom
HoH: Nick
Nominees: Ashley, Frank, Laura

Shortly before the veto ceremony (where Laura was chosen as the renom), Laura, Adam and Jordan planned to throw off Hayden & Enzo (assuming that Nick was just doing their dirty work) by evicting Ashley, who was only up as a pawn.  It was obvious that they should keep their word with Laura, and they also felt that Frank would be more effective than Ashley to get Hayden & Enzo out.  Cassi was clued in to the plan shortly afterwards, and agreed, meaning that she will commit as well.

Meanwhile, Nick and his alliance were back and forth between evicting Frank, the biggest physical threat not in the alliance, and evicting Laura, who was strategically more dangerous.  Hayden & Enzo were immediately dead set on evicting Laura in order to make sure that their alliance will control the rest of the game.  However, Kaitlin & Jeremy were still skeptical on keeping Frank since he almost won PoV (placing 4th against Danielle).

Laura immediately got to work on gathering the votes against Hayden & Enzo.  Danielle was already convinced that something was going on long before Laura was nominated, so she agreed to help get the votes for Ashley to leave.  JoJo, Jessie, and Wil were also to vote Ashley out.  However, unlike Danielle, neither of them were completely sold on the plan.  In particular, Jessie thought it would be a better idea to evict Frank right away.  Both Wil and JoJo find it very difficult to trust Laura, even if she's telling the truth.

In the few remaining hours before the eviction, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Judd, Hayden and Enzo finally settled on who they will evict this week.  As far as the votes from JoJo and Jessie are concerned, they would only vote with Nick's alliance if their plan is to evict Frank; otherwise, Ashley would be evicted.  However, JoJo may or may not have been lying to Jessie.

All week, the HouseGuests competed in a secret competition (held in the DR) to determine who will get "The Last Minute Key".  For it to be earned, only one HouseGuest must score 10 out of 10 in the competition.  One HouseGuest has reached that goal and has recieved the "Last Minute Key".  Note that the holder must NOT reveal that he/she has it to ANY of the other HouseGuests.  The first holder of the season is...

At any point during the season (until otherwise noted), Cassi may use the Last Minute Key to save herself or another HouseGuest after all votes are casted but before they are revealed.

The three nominees (Ashley, Frank, and Laura) are not allowed to vote.  In the event of a tie, Nick, the current Head of Household, will vote to break it.  Should the Last Minute Key be played, all votes cast against the nominee that the key was used on will not count, and the nominee with the next highest number of votes will be evicted instead.

Jordan will vote first.

Jordan knows it is critical to keep both Frank and Laura in the house to hurt Hayden & Enzo's game.  Will she jump at the chance?
Jordan votes to evict Ashley.

Adam has been a loyal follower to Jordan and Laura, but will he keep his word tonight?
Adam votes to evict Ashley.

Wil was swayed to vote Ashley out, but will his distrust in Laura change his vote?
Wil votes to evict Laura.

As one of Laura's allies in the house, Cassi is expected to vote in line with them.
Cassi votes to evict Ashley.

So far, we have 3 votes to evict Ashley, 1 vote to evict Laura, and no votes to evict Frank.

Danielle was quick to notice that Hayden & Enzo pulled the strings with this week's nominations, and intends to throw off their plans.  Will she do so tonight?
Danielle votes to evict Ashley.

Kaitlin is aware that both Frank and Laura are the biggest threats to her alliance, but what will she do tonight?
Kaitlin votes to evict Frank.

As Kaitlin's closest ally (and showmance from #bb15), it is assumed that Jeremy would vote with her.
Jeremy votes to evict Frank.

Although clued in on the plan to evict either Frank or Laura, Judd hasn't made a huge impact this week.  Let's see where his vote lands.
Judd votes to evict Frank.

Hayden is aware that Laura is gunning for him, but judging on how most of his alliance voted, is this still the case with his vote?
Hayden votes to evict Frank.

Based on how his alliance voted, Enzo's vote will be no surprise.
Enzo votes to evict Frank.

We now have 5 votes to evict Frank, 4 votes to evict Ashley, and 1 vote to evict Laura.  Two votes remain.

Jessie has been clued in on plans to evict Frank, Ashley, or Laura.  Which way will she go this week?
Jessie votes to evict Ashley.

JoJo has agreed that she would vote with Jessie this week, but will she apply her secret plan to throw Jessie off and send Frank home?
JoJo votes to evict Frank.

(Jessie & JoJo's votes explained: Minutes before eviction, Kaitlin & Jeremy informed JoJo [without Jessie] that the plan was to evict Frank.  However, right before the vote began, JoJo lied to Jessie by telling her that she would vote Ashley out).

Will the holder of the Last Minute Key please stand now?
The holder of the Last Minute Key has decided not to use it tonight.

With only one vote to evict, Laura, you are safe, which means the vote has come down between Ashley and Frank.

By a vote of 6-5, Frank, you are the first person evicted from the Big Brother house.

Nick, the outgoing Head of Household, is not eligible to compete this week.

This competition is called "BB Christmas Tree".  Using a slingshot in front of the giant tree,  the HouseGuests (one at a time) will aim a snowball at the tree.  The goal is to get the snowball to hit a higher part of the tree.  The points are as follows:

tree: 1 point
ornament: 2 points

tree: 3 points
ornament: 6 points

tree: 5 points
ornament: 10 points
star (at the top): 20 points [note that the star is very difficult to hit]

A miss is obviously worth no points.

Each HouseGuest will be given two shots, and the points earned will be the combined total from the two shots they have had.  The HouesGuest with the most points will become the new Head of Household.  In the event of a tie, the HouseGuests involved will shoot again, but will have only one shot.

The order hs been determined randomly.  Hayden is up first.

Hayden: 2 + 0 = 2 points
Jordan: 0 + 0 = 0 points
Cassi: 0 + 10 = 10 points
Ashley: 0 + 1 = 1 point
Judd: 1 + 0 = 1 point
Enzo: 2 + 0 = 2 points
Jeremy: 3 + 0 = 3 points
JoJo: 10 + 10 = 20 points
Jessie: 10 + 6 = 16 points
Adam: 0 + 10 = 10 points
Danielle: 10 + 0 = 10 points
Wil: 1 + 6 = 7 points
Laura: 0 + 10 = 10 points
Kaitlin: 0 + 6 points

With 20 points in total, JoJo is the new Head of Household!

Who will JoJo nominate for eviction and how will the veto impact her nominations?  Find out in the next post.


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