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Big Brother 2 Premiere

Oct 22, 2013 by boomboom
Pre-Show here:

--Potential 16th HouseGuest--

Before we begin the HoH competition, it is time to announce the big twist of the season.  The 16th HouseGuest is only the beginning.  The Lockout and the Null Power are not in play this season.  This season, there will be 3 nominees.  Don't worry because there is no MVP.  However, the Head of Household will be the one nominating all three HouseGuests.  One must be decided within 12 hours after the Head of Household competition, while the other two will be decided at the nomination ceremony. 

Another change is that there will not be only six HouseGuests playing for the power of veto, but instead, everyone will compete for the veto. 

Also, Pandora's Box (not Grodner's) will bear it's ugly head at some point in the season.  I will not reveal when it will be coming, but it can have either a huge impact on the game, or just something miniscule.

Finally, there will be a secret competition held in the Diary Room throughout each week.  One at a time, the HouseGuests will enter the diary room to answer a series of 10 questions.  The person with the most correct answers will win the competition.  However, the winner needs to get 10/10 to earn the prize.  If two or more HouseGuests score 10/10, then neither of them will earn it.  What is the prize?  A new power called "The Last Minute Key".  It works somewhat like the hidden immunity idol from Survivor.  It must be used after the eviction votes are cast but before they are revealed.  If it is used on one of the nominees, all votes cast against him or her will not count and the nominee with the next highest number of votes will be evicted instead.  The holder of the Last Minute Key MUST remain anonymous or he/she will risk a penalty nomination and confiscation of the power.  In addition, once a HouseGuest wins the Last Minute Key, he/she cannot win it again for the rest of the season.

With that out of the way, it is time to determine the first HoH and the 16th HouseGuest.

This competition is called "Stormy Days".  The HouseGuests will hold on to giant umbrellas and hang on for dear life.  The potential HouseGuests will hang on the the white umbrellas, while the current HouseGuests will hang on to the black umbrellas.  After a certain amount of time, there will be some weather that will impact how long the HouseGuests hang on for.

The last HouseGuest standing will win the first Head of Household.  In addition, the last potential HouseGuest remaining will become the sixteenth HouseGuest and become eligible to win Head of Household, meaning that they could enter the game as Head of Household.

3 minutes: Adam is the first person eliminated.
11 minutes 30 seconds: Wil falls off.

15 minutes in, and the remaining 20 are holding on strong, but not for long as it is time to start the rain.

18 minutes: Laura slips off as a result of the rain.  Laura is eliminated.
19 minutes 30 minutes: Enzo falls off.

25 minutes: Amanda falls off.  Amanda is the first potential eliminated.  Amanda will not become the 16th HouseGuest.
29 minutes: Jessie slips off and is eliminated.

16 remain.  Half an hour in.  They've been through the rain, but now it's time for some hail.

36 minutes: Judd falls off.  Judd is eliminated.
Some of the other HouseGuests are having a really hard time hanging on.  Ashley, Candice, and Jordan are on the verge of falling off.

46 minutes: Candice is eliminated.  Candice will not become the 16th HouseGuest.
51 minutes: Jordan is eliminated.
Immediately after Jordan fell off, so did Ashley.

56 minutes 30 seconds: Danielle is eliminated.

11 are left.  We are currently at the 1 hour mark, and what's a storm without strong gusts of wind?

1 hr 12 min: Jeremy is eliminated.
1 hr 18 min: JoJo is eliminated.
1 hr 22 min: Kaitlin is eliminated.
1 hr 32 min: Frank is eliminated.
1 hr 34 min: Ronnie is eliminated.  Ronnie will not become the 16th HouseGuest.
1 hr 39 min: Cassi is eliminated.

5 remain.  Hayden is the only current HouseGuest still in the competition.  Rachel is the last woman standing in the competition.

1 hr 40 min: Hayden is eliminated.  This means that the 16th HouseGuest will win Head of Household.
1 hr 57 min: Jeff is eliminated.  Jeff will not become the 16th HouseGuest.
Shortly after Jeff fell off, so did Matt.  Matt wil not become the sixteenth HouseGuest.

We have reached the 2 hour mark.  Only two remain: Nick and Rachel.  One of them will enter the game as the first Head of Household.

2 hr 15 min: Both HouseGuests are on the verge of falling off.
One of them fell off, meaning the other has just won Head of Household and became the 16th HouseGuest.
Rachel slips off and is eliminated.  Rachel will not become the 16th HouseGuest.

This means that Nick has officially entered the game as the 16th HouseGuest and has also won the first Head of Household.

Who will Nick nominate for eviction?  Will the veto impact one of the nominations?  How did Nick entering the game impact what could have been?  Find out in the next post.

Predict what you think the outcome will be.


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Lol at Ronnie holding on so long.

Also, which Jessie is in this?
Sent by Skyler_TW,Oct 22, 2013
Skyler_TW Jessie from BB15
Sent by boomboom,Oct 22, 2013
boomboom GROOOOOSS :P
Sent by Skyler_TW,Oct 22, 2013
Skyler_TW You would have preferred the one who calls himself "Mr Pectacular"?
Sent by boomboom,Oct 22, 2013
Jessie Kowalski is annoying & disgusting boomboom
Sent by Skyler_TW,Oct 22, 2013
boomboom  Actually, I WOULD have prefered the Jessie who calls himself "Mr. Pectacular" over Jessie from BB15
Sent by titanium162,Oct 22, 2013
Skyler_TW  agreed.
Sent by titanium162,Oct 23, 2013

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