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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Ty for stars Saves

6thDec 13, 2023 by WrathOfKon
imageHappy geo is saved!!! Peoople are still playing jenna, baron and sports game it seems which is incredibly sad.



did geo have this spam negged?馃槶 +
Sent by daveycool,Dec 13, 2023
I dont think geo did that. People who like geo maybe but I do not blame geo for negs.
Sent by WrathOfKon,Dec 13, 2023
Rumor has it you volenteered and now you鈥檙e tryna play the victim card
Sent by Wyatt2001,Dec 13, 2023
I didnt volunteer at all for it. Geo/me were a nom set because I chose not to nom geo yesterday and did sport instead.

If i was gonna volunteer it would have been against happy
Sent by WrathOfKon,Dec 13, 2023
daveycool I didn't ask anyone to deny this. you can ask any friend of mine. It would be much more useful to ask people to give ++ to my blog. Anyway, we don't know each other very well, but I'm sad that you think I would do that
Sent by Geoo,Dec 13, 2023
Yeah I am vouching hard for geoo here. He is nothing but friendly in and out of the game.

I would want everyone to plus his blog as well
Sent by WrathOfKon,Dec 13, 2023
good job!
Sent by Harley,Dec 14, 2023
geoo i don't play stars, and don't see spamming as wrong  , i just made an observation
Sent by daveycool,Dec 14, 2023

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