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When 2 people who hate each other both leave by my hand

Dec 15, 2023 by WrathOfKon
thelogic and chaachiing you both are beefing at each other so bad idk why. But i almost went into my first HOH wanting to nom both of you against one another just for the memes but in the end both of you went out by my hands in a way.

Chaachiing I backdoored you first HOH

Logic i was a swing vote that evicted you at 9

Its all just fun and games but maybe you guys can come together and settle whatever the hell this feud is. You are both good players that need to not take every frook games like its life or death, its just a game its fun.


Frooks is not just fun. It becomes a way of life
Sent by CallMeTheGOAT,Dec 15, 2023
Frookies is not just a game I wish people would stop saying that. I have sponsor deals and endorsements and a legacy to uphold. I'm playing for my next contract, you're playing for fun. We are not the same !
Sent by ChaaChiing,Dec 15, 2023
Sent by DripTeejay,Dec 15, 2023
Who's gonna sponsor a 13th place player chaachiing ;)
Sent by WrathOfKon,Dec 15, 2023
Dr. Pepper
Fruit of the Loom
Apple Jacks
Epic Games

My sponsors understand that being the biggest name in the game comes with an occasional 13th or 12th place. I already have my endorsement deals I'm more worried about my next contract
Sent by ChaaChiing,Dec 15, 2023
U did all of that… to get 6th? LOOOOOL
Sent by TheLogic,Dec 15, 2023
Yeah I got 6th. Path voted me out and I am okay with that. Its a game and I had fun. I had fun the other frookies game when I went out 10th too
Sent by WrathOfKon,Dec 15, 2023

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