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Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom Movie Review

Dec 23, 2023 by WrathOfKon
imageWell the time has finally came, the DCEU is officially over for me. Did it go out on a high note? For me it went out on a wimper that feels like a cross between a cookie/cutter plot and a slap in the face to comic book movies. The visual effects for this movie were quite solid but it is consisnetly anchored down by one of the most bland scripts I've seen this year. This movie takes show don't tell as heracy and decides to overexplain everything like an audience member is a 3 year old. Add to that the last spoken lines in the movie and the mid credit scene you can tell the creatives at WB wanted one last jab at the comic book movie genre and a middle finger to any of its loyal dceu fans


Rating: First Boot Worthy

Great visual effects can not save this movie from an overly simple and generic plot that somehow has an even worse script. I think the ending will set anything DC not the Matt Reeves Batman back multiple years.


Sent by Harley,Dec 23, 2023

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