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Anyone But You Movie review

Dec 20, 2023 by WrathOfKon
imageNot a fan of oscar movies, comic book movies, musicals or family animation movies but still want to go to the movies over the holidays? Well Anyone But You is actually just FOR YOU! Sydney Sweeney and Glenn Powell star in this light hearted, adult rom com where two enemies decide to fake a relationship together for their own selfish reasons. The humor in this movie was actually quite well done and in a very self aware type of way that allowed even the most stupid jokes to work. On top of that you have some solid chemistry between the two leads in what could be a great alternative to a normal holiday collection of films at the theaters this holiday season. The real stand out though is the comedy layered through out though that can be raunchy, stupid, cringe, sexy and one of the best titanic jokes i've heard.


Rating: Matinee

I think this is a perfect matinee/cheap movie ticket to get over the holiday season. My audience and I were laughing throughout, including a great "mid" credit sequence that has you leaving smiling and singing a certain tune. What keeps this from being a full price is a third act love story cliche but that doesn't stop this movie from being a dang good time. Its rated R with brief nudity and a lot of f words and sexual innuedos so is not appropiate for all ages but I think it'd be a solid date movie

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