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Wonka Movie Review (no spoilers)

Dec 15, 2023 by WrathOfKon
imageWonka, a prequel to 1971's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, is a tale of a young Willy Wonka looking to find his way into the choclate candy scene but is met with a variety of struggles.

The movie shines when it pushes the viewer to use their imagination to see the world like young Willy, played by Timothée Chalamet. While Chalamet doesnt have the best voice and his character isn't as complex as he will become later in life I really enjoyed his performance here in the iconic role. The lack of complexity for me is what keeps this from being incredibly special but if you go in with an open mind and a more fantasy perspective I think there is a great time here


How My Ratings Work

I am stealing a bit from a youtube channel Double Toasted, , where their rankings arent numbers but tiers of how people normally watch movies


1. Better than Frookies: highest praise as being better than frookies is something special

2. Full Price: Movie is worth a full price ticket

3. Matinee: Movie is enjoyable in theaters but you can wait to find it with a cheaper showtime

4. Rental: Dont need to see it in theaters, can wait for streaming or renting it

5. First boot worthy: Avoid at all costs


Wonka Rating - Matinee

Wonka has some fun songs, creative moments and near the end a great story but it struggles to go beyond a very basic concept. The villians of the movie are a bit over the top for my liking but I think the movie is still worth getting a ticket in theaters at a Matinee showing or a cheaper weekday night

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