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12thDec 29, 2017 by MarieTori
for an honest opinion and I'll tell you if I've ever disliked you :) xo

Sihz - We actually haven't come in contact very much on our years on here but I've always thought you seemed really laid back and used to want to be friends with you back in like '13 or something but then I left the site and yeah I don't really know much about you but I think you're a cool guy.

Thumper91 - Okay I'm trying to find a reason why I don't like you and I think it's just because you stayed sticking up for that nasty greasy haired idiot Taybear or w/e, plus I'm team lemonface always and I'm pretty sure yall beefed. However, that's really not a fair reason and I've heard a lot of nice things about you. I'm kind of a dick sometimes and judge people without giving them a chance. If we ever cross paths hopefully we'll have a fresh start.

Thirteen - idk I'm not a fan lol. I don't really like the werid psycho shtick but I'm not sure if it's a persona or really you. Creepy either way but keep doing you I guess. But yeah you're really rude to my boyfriend T. Buritto so I can't support :/

MoreBeastThanYou - We've both been around for a long fucking time but maybe back in like '09-'10 we talked a bit more because of association with RJ and all that but we really haven't talked much since then so I don't really know anything about you but I've always respected you I guess, you've always seemed like a cool guy to me

Idgaf - aw nostalgia. We used to be really good friends and we would always bag on each other and I miss that sometimes, it's nice to think about old tengaged and all the fun people and fun calls and such playing OMGpop for hours and just causing drama on the blogs. I hope you're doing well, I really like all of your tattoos that I've seen, hopefully someday we can catch up. :)

#Obstreperous #yoshicoolman - sorry fellas I really don't think we've ever crossed paths, if so sorry!

iigalaxyii - We really haven't talked much, we're not in the same friend groups and I think a lot of the people you associate with are really fucking lame, however when weve been in the same chat and stuff you seem like a really nice guy and maybe sometime we'll talk a bit more.

Paige5459 - I've seem your name a lot lately and it seems like people are really taking a liking to you, I haven't really spoken with you but you seem like a nice person. Not sure at all if you're a guy or a girl but that shouldn't matter. Yeah you seem nice but we really haven't talked.

AllieBoBallie - I would consider you one of my best friends on here right now, and hopefully that lasts this time. You're such a nice person and you really care about the people you talk to  on here and I'm glad that we're reconnecting. We had a bit of a fight becuase you were rude to me in a skype game ;) but it's all better now and I'm excited to continue our friendship, sip wine, and gossip about all of our queer friends. Love you a lot <3 <3 Thankful :)

GentlemanG - Years back I remember you started popping up on skype games and I was like who the fuck is this bitch, but then we became friends a bit in CYA and stuff but I didn't really last in that group, thank god. However, I feel like you're a lot different than you were in CYA and it seems like you've gotten a bit more of a spine lmao no offense, but yeah I don't really know you anymore and when we've played a game together or anything we haven't really trusted one another but hopefully next time!

ghrocky100 - not a fan. I think because you like talked shit about me for some weird ass T-Vivor4 assessment, yeah you irritated me and I just don't care for you really

Darbe - Aw :) I really like you, we were skype allies in games for a long time and never really had a relationship but just blindly trusted one another which is funny to me, but after actually getting a chance to talk to you and get to know you a bit you're a really nice guy and I definitely would consider you a friend. Looking forward to the next time we play a game!

Bridgette77 - Tough one! Obviously when you weren't Oscar we were really close. Granted we're two completely different people now. We're not Tori n Bridgette. I feel like we never really connected once you came out as a guy and then I took a break from the website and you were friends with people who just really irritated me like Gerard, Sagar, some others idk. It's been awhile not and I think if we were to actually talk we would probably get along fine maybe but yeah we really haven't talked at all. It's almost like we've avoided eachother even tho I don't think it's something we did on purpose. Who knows, maybe someday we'll catch up

Petro - I get really confused sometimes about who you are, I don't mean that in a rude way but I just can't remember if we've ever talked. I think you seem like a really cool person and definitely someone who I would get along with, I feel like we have talked before but I just can't remember it.

DJ2722 - I think you're annoying. I don't like people who try really hard and I'm sure it's just because you're young and trying to figure shit out which is fine, we've all been there but yeah you just come across as annoying teenage tween to me.

born2pizza - Really don't know you besides some game I think we played together and don't even remember if we worked togehter. I think you fucked me over idk I don't remember.

Lemjam6 - Another tough one. This is complicated because our friendship when it started came out of nowhere and we got really close really fast. I always felt like you had this intimidation factor to you and you tried to intimidate a lot of your sheep, which is fine. But yeah I never really cared for people who got suuuuper psychotic about games and stuff and would sit there and lie to you and backstab you but then freak the fuck out when the person did it back. It was always very offputting to me. Going into the Christmas game I was really excited to play with you but you were shady and lying the entire time and I feel like it ruined our friendship, which is unfortunate but idk it just wasn't the same in the end of it. I think you're a really great person and I really enjoyed being friends with you and definitely have nothing against you. I hope that sometime soon we can reconnect and be friends again because I do like you, and enjoyed our friendship a lot. :)

MichelleObama - I've always actually liked you. You always seemed like the nice switchblade or at least just the one who seemed the most level headed to me. I had a rocky past with that group since I was friends with Doolishas weird ass and everyone hated her and I just felt the need to stick up for my friend and that group came at me many times but it's all in the past. I've always thought you seemed like a really interesting person and that if we were in the same group or something that we'd actually get along but yeah it's never happened and I don't foresee it happening. Either way, I think you seem cool :)

Brayden_ - I was really excited to play stars with you but your time was cut short :( I didn't care at all about that game but I enjoyed talking to you that brief few minutes we did. I think we had slight drama when I first first came back to the site and was just irritated by all of the new people being so fucking lame and you were like "you need to get over it, tengaged changed!" but yeah I've always thought you were a cool guy!

IYBF - I feel like we're finally friends. We started off kinda weird because I was like who the fuck is this idiot whos moaning in this video and pretending hes fucking somebody for a key in a game. I was just immediately put off by you. Then we started playing games together and worked together sometimes but usually ended up going after eachother. Recently we've been in the same friend group and I've always really enjoyed talking to you and thought you seemed like an interesting person. Glad we became friends because I enjoy talking to you. You're a bit psychotic over games tho, take it down a notch xo

SeaKing - I remember seeing your name like back on old tengaged maybe but then by the time I took my long break and came back I just didn't know who the hell you were. You seem really nice and you talked to me a bit in pms. I remember bowkane or some weird ass messaged me and was like "seaking lord of the gays requests you message him on tengaged" and I was like what the fuck is this dungeons of dragons shit hes saying and was immediately annoyed. So I kinda never really gave you a chance when you messaged but you still seem like a good guy. A little bit into yourself but that's fine if you got it flaunt it. xo

#_Finesse #RuthlessLucas - I'm sorry we've never spoken

Irelia - Fucking icon. I actually adore you, I think you're so funny and your a total babe ;) You need to stay away from Tito before he corrupts you and makes him weird as fuck like him. We're not very close like 1 on 1 or anything but I can tell that we're definitely friends and I look forward to chatting more in the future and getting to know you more. You're easily one of my top tengagers and we've only spoken like 10 times.

Trust - hehe like B77, this is a tough one. I just never liked you from the beginning. I didn't like Kaay, I thought she was as stupid as a brick but yeah that just put me off on you. Then we just never really got a chance to communicate and I used to be really bad with hating everyone without giving them a chance and I definitely didn't give you one. Which I feel bad about because from what we have talked you seem like a really nice and funny guy. I wish we would have talked a bit more in the past but that's my fault for literally being the grinch. Hopefully we get the chance to actually be friends in the future because I think we'd get a long pretty well. Despite you being a lame pussy bitch in survivor. xo
PS. Scalene is a fucking bitch.

MickieJames22 - I just think you're annoying.  The blogs, the gifs it's all irritating. It's not a funny shtick.

Hints - Truly have no impression of you except for survivor where you didn't talk to me and just stuck with your friends which was fine but yeah I really have no idea who you are and we've never talked.


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LOL oh I know you do
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lets roll the dice
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Paige :)
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I think I already know the answer but y tf not
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Lucas ;)
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except for survivor where you didn't talk to me

[25/11/2017 00:40:56] *** lil gal tisha (hints) would like to add you on Skype

Hi Montana, I'd like to add you as a contact. ***
[25/11/2017 00:45:14] Montana: Hi :)
[25/11/2017 00:46:22] lil gal tisha (hints): helloo
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marietori icon to icon, bitch to bitch, this means more than u know x
Giggles and dangles my legs when I don’t get a nasty comment x
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