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The Voice Season 15 Top 13 Performances

9thNov 20, 2018 by Kob3Sm1th
"Wind Beneath My Wings" - Kennedy Holmes (3)
"It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" - SandyRedd (1)
"I Can Only Imagine" - DeAndre Nico (4) 
"I Am Changing" - MaKenzie Thomas (2)
"Diamonds" - Kymberli Joye (6)
"Hard to Love" - Dave Fenley (5)
"I'm Already There" - Kirk Jay (8)
"Little White Church" - Chevel Shepherd (7)
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" - Sarah Grace (9)
"Let It Be" - Chris Kroeze (11)
"Wolves" - Lynnea Moorer (13)
"You Say" - Reagan Strange (12)
"Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" - Tyke James (10)


1. SandyRedd (+0)
2. Kennedy Holmes (+1)
3. MaKenzie Thomas (-1)
4. DeAndre Nico (+0)
5. Dave Fenley (+0)
6. Kymberli Joye (+0)
7. Chevel Shepherd (+0)
8. Kirk Jay (+0)
9. Sarah Grace (+0)
10. Tyke James (+0)
11. Chris Kroeze (+0)
12. Reagan Strange (+0)
13. Lynnea Moorer (+0)


#TeamJHUD Average Ranking: 2nd

1. SandyRedd
2. Kennedy Holmes
3. MaKenzie Thomas

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 8th

1. Dave Fenley
2. Kirk Jay
3. Chris Kroeze

#TeamKelly Average Ranking: 9th

1. Kymberli Joye
2. Chevel Shepherd
3. Sarah Grace
4. Lynnea Moorer

#TeamAdam Average Ranking: 9th

1. DeAndre Nico
2. Tyke James
3. Reagan Strange


Top 13 Performances Notes:

1. I thought this was a solid first night of the top 13.

2. First off....Kennedy's voice is so incredibly pure, it's unreal. Kennedy has quite possibly the most polished voice on the show, and she's 14 (I think she turned 14 recently?). You could literally hear traces of Whitney in her voice. She is going to go far in her career.

3. Did SandyRedd just cry and sound amazing at the same time??? Like what? I swear her performance got progressively better too as she started crying. One of the most emotional performances ever on the show. I loved it.

4. I haven't been to church since my mom used to make me go when I was like 11, but I'm pretty sure DeAndre just brought me back. His voice is so strong and smooth at the same time.

5. Okay, some of you may disagree with this, but I'm gonna put a disclaimer first before I go any further. Disclaimer: I loved MaKenzie's performance. BUT I was a bit disappointed. I feel like she could've done so much better with that song. She seemed a bit tired at the end and a couple notes were off, but overall she still had one of the best performances of the night LMAO.

6. Kymberli was good too, but I kind of wanna see something different from her next week.

7. This was prob Dave's worst performance, but by no means was it bad. It was just kind of boring until the end when it got more interesting. Either way, Dave has the best country male country voice on the show (sorry Kirk fans), and I hope he moves on.

8. Speaking of Kirk, I thought this was a good performance, but he was obviously a bit nervous as his mom was in the audience. Some of his notes were off, but it was a pretty good performance otherwise. His best performance is still "In Case You Didn't Know."

9. Chevel is DEFINITELY growing on me as I find myself listening to her past performances weekly lol. This was prob her most mediocre performance though. It was still good, but there was just something different that I really liked w/ her other performances. Who knows tho, I might find myself bumping this performance a week from now.

10. Sarah wasn't bad here, but I'm kinda done w/ her I guess lol

11. Same thing with Chris tbh. Although his tribute was nice.

12. Lynnea was 1000000% better here, but it still wasn't that great. With that being said, at least we can see potential now. If she stays, maybe we'll get to see what another week of good coaching can do for her.

13. I don't know what people see in Reagan? She's pitchy in all her performances and her voice is bland. She had some good parts here, but nothing that would draw me into replaying her performance.

14. Tyke's performance seemed really lazy here. It wasn't bad, but just really lazy and forgettable.

15. Results predictions: I think the bottom 3 will be Lynnea, Sarah, and Tyke and I think Sarah will be saved.



i like kennedy chevel makenzie lynnea and tyke
i am a fan of sandyredd but i hated that performance she sounded terrible imo *hope she doesnt go home*
Sent by Music,Nov 20, 2018
Music you could tell she had some issues while crying, but I somehow still loved it haha. It was so raw, imo.
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Nov 20, 2018
Sandy is going home 馃槀 it was bad
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Nov 20, 2018
Hopefully the iTunes chart doesn鈥檛 reflect who鈥檚 gonna end up winning this show because it鈥檚 gonna be disappointing
Sent by stuartlittle16,Nov 20, 2018
Why who is at the top? stuartlittle16

Also I am the biggest Chevel fan so much to the point where my phone just autocorrected her name to all caps I been riding with my sister since if I die young she better win!!!
Sent by mikec51,Nov 20, 2018
Lynnea being so low..... huh
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Nov 20, 2018
Deandre is too high, his performance so pitchy.
I think Sandy is in trouble ;( (she will be the Sa鈥檙ayah of the season is she goes tonight)
Tbh I can already tell this season is gonna be a hot mess due to people obsessing over basics like Kirk and chevel.
Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK,Nov 20, 2018
Damn all yall hated SandyRedd? LMAO maybe my ears weren't cooperating today. I knew it wasn't a great performance, but I still liked it hahaha.

deshonBANNEDISBACK tbh I thought most singers were pitchy last night, so I wasn't TOO picky on pitch. I thought his good parts outshined some of the good parts of other singers tho, I guess.

I figured Sandy would only make it so far, but I was thinking she'd at least make it past the first elimination. I could be wrong tho. And, ugh FINALLY someone agrees w/ me about Kirk. Chevel, on the other hand, I actually like lol.

BritishRomeo17 Honestly I'm still salty at her being in the competition lmao which I know isn't her fault...but her voice is tone is REALLY good, I just think she needs like a year of coaching and she'd be so much better. Her pitch is all over the place. Her potential is really high tho, cuz I do like her voice.
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Nov 20, 2018

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