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Hello, my name is Jake. =]

Btw for those that ask ^ he's sleepy-chaos-cub on Tumblr.

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  1. night love u allvote
  2. What this comes down tovote
  3. you all can't fucking cry racismvote
  4. Stars Supportvote
  5. yes fuck you bryanvote
  6. that isnt even truevote
  7. IMAGINE being xenophobicvote
  8. so who is on the account rnvote
  9. they do realize
  10. "I never did anything that was bannable"
  11. bye stupid bitch14th
  12. Final Words Abt Stars18th
  13. you know i tried to apologize to the
  14. I feel like I need to make a formal apology1st
  15. Nominated for 10th.12th
  16. how on earth5th
  17. I'm actually kinda sad1st
  18. I just wanna address18th
  19. God I love spamming in stars9th
  20. Okay since you ignore my mails2nd

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  13. joneduardo said: ..xenophobia is trash..
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