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☆★Stars 319--8th★☆
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☆★Stars 411--6th★☆
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☆★Stars 319★☆
For 15th:
MJFJUNE - 40.4%
ladybug5 - 59.6%

For 10th:
MJFJUNE - 38.3%
KingB24 - 61.7%

For 8th:
MJFJUNE - 58.1%
Carlisle - 41.9%

☆★Stars 411★☆
For 6th:
MJFJUNE - 52.9%
BigBrotherDonny - 47.1%

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Group Game History:
**NOTE: This does not include games that were cancelled/went inactive and there are tons more but I accidentally deleted them**
Vegas and Kondons' Survivor Vietnam: Winner
The NEW Kasey’s Celebrity Apprentice: Winner
Turney Time Quick Big Brother Trial #3: Winner
Cookie_13's Next Top Model USA 1: Winner
Libanz Big Brother 1: Winner
Music Olympics 4: Winner
Music Olympics Christmas Special: Winner
Libanz Revamped Big Brother: Winner
NJ's Big Brother 2: Runner-Up
Will's Survivor: Ivory Coast: Runner-Up
Stardom! Season 23: Runner-Up
carlyjordan14's The Voice Season Two: Runner-Up
Music Olympics 1: Runner-Up
Music Olympics 3: Runner-Up
Survivor City 15 Platinum/All-Stars: 3rd
Big Ben's Survivor Palau: 3rd
Big Bens Survivor Paraguay: 3rd
TTRS 44 Battle Of The Seasons: 3rd
Stardom! Season 22: 3rd
Stardom! Season 21: 3rd
Stardom! Season 10: 3rd
WANJ Survivor Russia: 3rd
Cutthroat Survivor Phonsavan: 4th
Tuter32's The Challenge Battle Lines: 4th
Music Olympics 80s Edition: 4th
Music Olympics 6: 4th
Stardom! Season 19: 4th
Stardom! Season 21: 4th
Stardom's Farewell Season: 4th
Matt's Survivor Cuba Redemption Island: 4th
Kolby's Survivor Mexico: 5th
Suitman Big Brother 4: 5th
Noah's Survivor Tortoise vs Hare: 5th
Running With The Wolves: 5th
Lyon's Big Brother: 5th
Music Olympics VIII: 5th
Stardom! Season 21: 5th
Stardom! Season 23: 5th
Stardom's Farewell Season: 5th
Bella's Next Top Model 8: 5th
WANJ's The Voice 1: 5th
Lyon's Big Brother Recharged: 6th
TTRS 32 Survivor Seychelles Second Chances: 6th
Akshay's Survivor India: 6th
Stardom's Farewell Season: 6th
Tengaged Song Contest 320: 6th
Tengaged Song Contest 321: 6th
Melinda's Next Top Model 4: 6th
Andie's Big Brother: 6th
TTRS 30 The Duel 2: 7th
Survivor City 7 Venice: 7th
Melinda's Next Top Model All-Stars: 7th
Tengaged Song Contest 322: 7th
Stardom! Season 19: 7th
Stardom! Season 16: 7th
Stardom! Season 21: 7th
Stardom! Season 22: 7th
Stardom! Season 20: 8th
Kaseyhope101's Whodunnit?: 8th
Tengaged Song Contest 316: 8th
Survival Of The Fittest: 8th
Music Olympics 7: 8th
Blake's Big Brother: 8th
LaurenJade's X Factor: 8th
M&N's Survivor India Blood vs. Water: 9th
Noah's Survivor Cambodia Second Chance: 9th
Noah's Survivor Alvard Island: 9th
Mud's Survivor Cagayan: 9th
Stardom! Season 21: 9th
Stardom! Season 15: 9th
Max's Survivor New Zealand: 9th
TTRS Challenge 47 The Gauntlet 3: 10th
Music Olympics 7: 10th
Mud's Survivor Tasmania: 10th
Music Olympic 6: 10th
Conjows Survivor: 10th
Stardom! Season 23: 11th
Stardom! Season 23: 12th
Music Olympics 2: 12th
Music Olympics IX: 12th
MNRS 1 I Love Money: 13th
NB Reality 19 The Gauntlet: 13th
Turney Time Big Brother 16: 13th
Turney Time Big Brother 18: 14th
Tengaged Song Contest 317: 14th
Tengaged Song Contest 324: 14th
Music Olympics IX: 14th
Stardom! Season 21: 14th
Turney Time Big Brother 19: 15th
Tengaged Song Contest 325: 15th
TTRS 36 Big Brother Australia: 16th
Tengaged Song Contest 318: 16th
Music Olympics VIII: 16th
Stardom! Season 22: 16th
M&N's Survivor Saipan: 17th
NB Reality 18 I Love Money 2: 18th
Tengaged Song Contest 323: 19th
Ultimate Fighter: 20th
Tengaged Song Contest 319: 21st
Turney Time The Challenge 1 Cutthroat
subfriend's Survivor City 15 - Platinum/All Stars:
Best Jury Member is Zyler!
He is one of the robbed players because he plays one of the best too. He was so close. Although he might not remember what's Survivor City was during his first season. He catch up everything fast.
For his jury job, he did well not too much butthurt and try not let anyone gets influenced by some hates.
Combination of these makes him The Best Jury Member.

The Hero of the Season is Zyler!
Calvin & Crypt are heroes because they stay true to their alliance. So did Zyler up until his eviction against his duo, Emmett. BUT Zyler is the real hero because he saved this season by shifting the power to the other side of the house. He did very well in social skill and persuasion skill. I'm sure if this is like a real TV show. People will be rooting for Zyler in the middle of the BBPhase

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