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Ranking the Cast of Survivor The Amazon Sep 1, 2019
I just re-watched Survivor The Amazon and this is my ranking of that cast. I'm sorry if it isn't your exact ranking of the cast ^_^

16th - Roger Sexton (Fucking awful at the game, and a shitty person)

15th - Daniel Lue (Only reason he is above Roger is cuz he hated Roger LMAO other than that, this dude was as dumb as a bag of rocks)

14th - Ryan Aiken (First boot, so not much to base off of...but he was better than Daniel lol)

13th - Dave Johnson (Dave was fucking creepy imo lmao like I know Matthew was the "creepy guy" of the season, but Dave was so emotionless and intense about everything. He just striked me as the guy who would cut someone up, bury them, and then go out to grab a bite to eat)

12th - Janet Koth (RIP to the granola bar queen...I honestly thought it was hers LMAO and a part of me still thinks it was and she just won't admit to it lol)

11th - Jeanne Hebert (I wish she lasted longer, cuz I feel like she would've added some good conflict to the merge, but unfortunately she didn't make it far)

10th - JoAnna Ward (Pretty much the same as Jeanne. She could've been a great character, but she was gone too soon)

9th - Shawna Mitchell (Honestly she was kind of annoying when she was whining, but she honestly seemed like a nice/genuine girl)

8th - Alex Bell (Alex had his moments. Him/Deena/Rob definitely were fun to watch while they all imploded their own games LOL. He could be funny, but he could also be super douchey)

7th - Butch Lockley (King of burning the camp down. Butch telling Christy that he made one of his top 5 "non-forgettable life moments" was actually just really fucking sweet lol)

6th - Matthew von Ertfelda (The Matthew hate is so strange. I honestly felt bad for the dude, but I honestly think he should be given more credit than he was given. He eventually started to put the pieces together, and he was actually pretty self aware. With that being said, Matthew was very creepy and it was kind of funny lmao)

5th - Christy Smith (Christy also had good and bad moments, but for the most part, I liked her presence. It's honestly impressive that she made it so far. I love Christy's brutal honesty in her confessionals lmao)

4th - Deena Bennett (Deena was honestly doing so well in the game, but she played her hand WAY to soon. She could've done so much better, but she messed up when she thought she had ALL the power. Regardless, she was fun to watch)

3rd - Heidi Strobel (First off...I just recently found out Heidi is married to Cole Hamels?!?!? For all of you that don't follow baseball...he is a pitcher on the Chicago Cubs. Heidi was such an odd character on the show, and I loved every second of her. I also think she was a lot more self aware than people give her credit for)

2nd - Rob Cesterino (I have a feeling most people on tengaged don't like him, but I honestly thought he was hilarious on this season...I really don't remember All-stars THAT well, so I can't speak for his performance on there...and I don't listen to his podcast, but in regards to The Amazon, I enjoyed him. He was a dick, but he also managed to make good enough relationships to bring him to the final 4)

1st - Jenna Morasca (I fucking love Jenna. She's hilarious, she's BEAUTIFUL, she's smart, she was good at making important relationships with the guys and with most of the woman. Queen of immunity challenges. I was so happy that she won)

Re-watch rankings so far:

6th - Thailand
5th - Africa
4th - Borneo
3rd - Australia
2nd - Marquesas
1st - The Amazon
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Ranking the Cast of Survivor Thailand Aug 25, 2019
I just re-watched Survivor Thailand and this is my ranking of that cast. I'm sorry if it isn't your exact ranking of the cast ^_^

16th - Ted Rogers, Jr. (He is here for having the literal worst excuse ever for sexually assaulting a woman....anyways, he also just sucked lol)

15h - John Raymond (Typical first boot)

14th - Jed Hildebrand (Really nothing good came from him)

13th - Robb Zbacnik (He did have his redemption episode, but the dude is fucking annoying lmao. One of the most immature people to ever play the game lmao...with that being said, at least he was fun to laugh at)

12th - Ghandia Johnson (It sucks she was put in the position that she was put in, but I didn't like her otherwise)

11th - Tanya Vance (Honestly, every once in a while I stoop to a level where I rank someone based on their attractiveness.....this is one of them. Tanya is one of the prettiest people to ever play the game, and she was really sweet...I wish she lasted longer)

10th - Brian Heidik (Misogynistic, arrogant, and delusional....but he helped drive the game along)

9th - Penny Ramsey (I wish she played a stronger game. She was playing for 6th, and she ended up getting 7th...not much more to say)

8th - Erin Collins (I feel like Erin was definitely misunderstood, as she didn't get a lot of air time. I wish she was on Amazon instead...I feel like she would've done better)

7th - Clay Jordan (Clay is a fucking weasel, and I hate pretty much everything he stands for...but he did have some comical moments in the season due to him being just a judgmental, grumpy, fuck at times. At least he wasn't as oblivious to his shit morals than Brian was)

6th - Ken Stafford (He was a respectable player and at least tried to build some relationships to further himself, but he was loyal to a fault, which was the reason why he was a bit boring)

5th - Jan Gentry (Fucking Jan is a legend for how long she lasted. She literally cried at like every tribal, and I just felt like she genuinely cared for everyone on the island)

4th - Stephanie Dill (Stephanie, imo, also would've done better on a different season. I don't think she was given much of a chance, but her audition tape is ICONIC. She was an interesting player that I wish got more air time...luckily for her, this cast wasn't my favorite, so she still lands a spot in the top 4)

3rd - Jake Billingsly (Jake definitely had a few moments where I was meh about him, BUT for the most part, Jake was one of the most genuine people in this season. You could tell he really cared for the people who cared for him. His love for his wife was absolutely beautiful)

2nd - Helen Glover (Helen definitely should've made a different choice at the end of the game, but she was just too trusting in Brian...Obviously it's easier for the viewer to call her dumb for her moves at the end, but then again, we can see everything going on. Helen was pretty the most interesting player post-merge, imo, and she drove the second half of the game. I wish she won)

1st - Shi Ann Huang (Fucking Shi Ann was the most depressing early-ish boot. She got fucked over by the dumbass twist that production set up. Shi Ann is one of the best personalities to be on Survivor throughout the first 5 seasons. I love her so much).

Re-watch rankings so far:

5th - Thailand
4th - Africa
3rd - Borneo
2nd - Australia
1st - The Amazon
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Ranking the Cast of Survivor Marquesas Jul 12, 2019
I just re-watched Survivor Marquesas and this is my ranking of that cast. I'm sorry if it isn't your exact ranking of the cast ^_^

16th - Zoe (There was just something about her that I hated lmao...)

15th - Gabriel (Pretentious and annoying, but his freestyle wasn't bad lol)

14th - Patricia (She had her 5 min of airtime lol)

13th - Peter (He drove the first episode w/ his antics lmao but he's a serial killer and I'll stand by it)

12th - Rob "The General" (The General is such a fucking cringeworthy nickname lmao I want to put him higher cuz he was so much fun to laugh at, but he was just bad)

11th - Hunter (He was a good character to rival Rob/Sean and if he would've made it further, I prob would've disliked him, but since he was voted out early, I never got annoyed by him)

10th - Neleh (I went back and forth on hating and tolerating her...sometimes she was alright, but she was also so annoying. She added a lot to the season tho, landing her a little higher up than the others already ranked).

9th - Sarah (Holy tits 0_0 but also she is ranked here solely for her arrival to the island and sean calling her cleopatra LMAO)

8th - John (John was a pretty strategic character for such an early season. I didn't dislike him, but he was against my favorites).

7th - Paschal (Paschal's a tough one, cuz sometimes I liked him, but at other times, his whole "honesty til the end" charade got old. Especially cuz he definitely wasn't honest the whole time himself lol. Also he definitely had some racist remarks at a few points that CBS let slide lmaoooo. Either way, he was a pretty good competitor for his age)

6th - Vecepia (She's prob lower than you guys hoped, but HONESTLY aside from her aligning w/ the people I liked, and being an absolute sweetheart...she really wasn't THAT interesting lol)

5th - Tammy (Tammy and Gina were probably the 2 most underrated people on this cast. I honestly thought Tammy played a pretty good game)

4th - Gina (Gina unfortunately got stuck on the wrong tribe lol...but I loved her so much and wished she made it further)

3rd - Boston Rob (I'm definitely not a Rob stan, but him and sean were hilarious together....I don't hate Rob as much as everyone else, but I also don't love him as much as the casuals do...I've always kinda been middle of the road on him)

2nd - Sean (I still don't know how Sean managed to get 5th LMAO honestly Sean was a fantastic character and he actually had some good strategic moments...although they were usually masked by his not so great strategic moments lmao)

1st - Kathy (Kathy was the fucking GOAT of this season....She managed to turn down her crazy once she realized some people were turned off by her, and then she built real relationships, played strategically, and killed most of the challenges. Kathy is the only real option for #1 on this cast).

Re-watch rankings so far:

4th - Africa
3rd - Borneo
2nd - Australia
1st - Marquesas
Points: 39 6 comments
Ranking the Cast of Survivor Africa Jun 3, 2019
I just re-watched Survivor Africa...so here is my cast ranking! I know this will prob be hated on, but idc lol

16th - Diane (Honestly just irrelevant, sorry lol)
15th - Carl (He just was not interesting)
14th - Silas (He had too much energy and was too full of himself)
13th - Jessie (Meh)
12th - Kelly (I'm sure this one will be unpopular on here, but she tried way too hard to be a bitch lol...like you could tell she was just putting on an act, and it was annoying)
11th - Lex (He was fun to dislike, but other than that, he is annoying)
10th - Kim Johnson (bad ass 56 y/o woman that outlasted 14 other people, but I just couldn't put her above the other 9 that are left)
9th - Lindsey (She was a mess, but I loved how bitchy she was lmaooo)
8th - Brandon (Brandon was an idiot post-merge, but he added some great drama to the season)
7th - Clarence (He didn't give a fuck, and that's what I loved about him lmao. He just wanted to eat lmao. All in all tho, he seemed like a cool dude #CherryGate #BeanGate)
6th - Frank (Normally I hate the Frank characters on the Survivor, but Frank was such an outcast, it was hilarious. Nothing will beat when they played 'never have i ever' and they were all sharing edgy/dirty/sexual stories, and Frank had like 1 drink and confessed that he's never broken the promise of a handshake lmaoooo)
5th - Linda (Linda was fucking robbed and she deserved to make it further. I loved her..she was absolutely crazy lmaoooo)
4th - Kim Powers (Kim was your typical underdog and it's hard not to root for her. She's just too lovable)
3rd - Ethan (Ethan may not be the flashiest player ever, but how can you hate him. He's just a nice dude that was never really actin' stupid or dramatic. He is the embodiment of an old school player. I'm excited to see him in season 40 to see how his gameplay translates)
2nd - Tom (there's no question that he's definitely not the most politically correct person, BUT I think Tom was just more ignorant, whereas Frank was based more from hatred lmao. Considering I couldn't understand 75% of the shit Tom said, he made for some great entertainment)
1st - T-Bird (Was this even a question? I'm still pissed she didn't get voted in for second chances...T-Bird is by far one of the sweetest people to ever grace the show, yet she still played the game pretty well. I wish she was my best friend more than anything).

Re-watch rankings so far:

3rd - Africa
2nd - Borneo
1st - Australia
Points: 185 8 comments
The Voice Season 16 May 14, 2019
Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you guys know that I've been going through a really rough time in my life, that has caused me to have essentially no motivation for anything....This is prob the only part of tengaged that I actually put effort into anymore, and I really do appreciate all of you who have stuck through these past THIRTEEN seasons of The Voice blogs w/ me. I am not stepping down from making these blogs officially, but I am prob not going to finish this season, as I need to take care of myself and work on my happiness. Luckily, I don't think this season is even good lmao I haven't even seen anything past the cross battles (which sucked lol).

Anyways, I'll hopefully be back, and maybe I'll catch up w/ this season. Until then, I'll see u guys soon. Much love to all of you :)

P.S. Don't worry about me btw. I am not seriously suicidal or anything, I am just battling depression, and I have been for a long time. Unfortunately, this is one of my hardest battles with it in the past 10 years or so...but I am trying hard and I'll be back once I take care of myself :) thanks for listening.


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The Voice Season 16 Cross Battles Night 2 Apr 29, 2019
"New Rules" - Kalvin Jarvis (21)
"Versace on the Floor" - Jej Vinson (2)
"Lay Me Down" - Shawn Sounds (5)
"I Put a Spell on You" - Beth Griffith-Manley (13)
"Goodbye Time" - Gyth Rigdon (25)
"Cold Water" - Kendra Checketts (26)
"Way Down We Go" - Carter Lloyd Horne (15)
"Down" - Karly Moreno (22)
"Any Man of Mine" - Rebecca Howell (20)
"Mercy" - Jimmy Mowery (28)
"Wade in the Water" - LB Crew (7)
"Hello" - Julian King (1)
"You're Still the One" - Jacob Maxwell (29)
"Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde" - Andrew Sevener (32)
"Cupid's Got a Shotgun" - Abby Kasch (30)
"The Letter" - The Bundy's (17)

LB (7) vs Jej (2)
-Who should've won: Jej
-Who who: Jej
-Should LB have been stolen?: Yes
-Was he stolen?: No :(

Kendra (26) vs. Jimmy (28)
-Who should've won: Kendra
-Who won: Jimmy
-Should Kendra have been stolen?: Eh...It was good, but I don't think she's as good as other people make her out to be :x
-Was she stolen?: Yes

Shawn (5) vs. Karly (22)
-Who should've won: Shawn
-Who won: Shawn
-Should Karly have been stolen?: She has a cool voice, but nah
-Was she stolen?: No

Carter (15) vs. Jacob (29)
-Who should've won: Carter
-Who won: Carter
-Should Jacob have been stolen?: No
-Was he stolen?: Yes

Kalvin (21) vs. Julian (1)
-Who should've won: Kavlin
-Who won: Kalvin
-Should Julian have been stolen?: Based on his potential, YES
-Was he stolen?: No :(

Rebecca (20) vs. Beth (13)
-Who should've won: Beth
-Who won: Rebecca
-Should Beth have been stolen?: Yes
-Was she stolen?: No

Gyth (25) vs. Abby (30)
-Who should've won: Gyth
-Who won: Gyth
-Should Abby have been stolen?: No
-Was she stolen?: Yes

The Bundy's (17) vs. Andrew (32)
-Who should've won: Andrew
-Who won: Andrew
-Should the Bundy's have been stolen?: No
-Were they stolen?: No

1. Jej Vinson (+1)
2. Maelyn Jarmon (+1)
3. Domenic Haynes (+3)
4. Shawn Sounds (+1)
5. Kalvin Jarvis (+16)
6. Matthew Johnson (+6)
7. Lisa Ramey (+7)
8. Oliv Blu (-4)
9. Dexter Roberts (+1)
10. Mari (+13)
11. Kim Cherry (-3)
12. Betsy Ade (+4)
13. Celia Babini (+5)
14. Gyth Rigdon (+11)
15. Carter Lloyd Horne (+0)
16. Rebecca Howell (+4)
17. Kendra Checketts (+9)
18. Jimmy Mowery (+10)
19. Jacob Maxwell (+10)
20. Presley Tennant (+4)
21. Rod Stokes (+10)
22. Selkii (-13)
23. Andrew Sevener (+9)
24. Abby Kasch (+6)


Coach Rankings:

#TeamAdam Average Ranking: 8th

1. Domenic Haynes
2. Kalvin Jarvis
3. Mari
4. Betsy Ade

#TeamLegend Average Ranking: 11th

1. Maelyn Jarmon
2. Shawn Sounds
3. Lisa Ramey
4. Celia Babini
5. Jimmy Mowery
6. Jacob Maxwell

#TeamKelly Average Ranking: 15th

1. Jej Vinson
2. Matthew Johnson
3. Rebecca Howell
4. Presley Tennant
5. Rod Stokes
6. Abby Kasch

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 15th

1. Oliv Blu
2. Dexter Roberts
3. Kim Cherry
4. Gyth Rigdon
5. Carter Lloyd Horne
6. Kendra Checketts
7. Selkii
8. Andrew Sevener

1. Jej Vinson (#TeamKelly)
2. Maelyn Jarmon (#TeamLegend)
3. Domenic Haynes (#TeamAdam)
4. Shawn Sounds (#TeamLegend)
5. Kalvin Jarvis (#TeamAdam)
6. Matthew Johnson (#TeamKelly)
7. Lisa Ramey (#TeamLegend)
8. Oliv Blu (#TeamBlake)
9. Dexter Roberts (#TeamBlake)
10. Mari (#TeamAdam)
11. Kim Cherry (#TeamBlake)
12. Betsy Ade (#TeamAdam)


Night 2 Cross Battles Notes:

1. This season sucks lmao

2. At least this episode was better than the dumpster fire that was given to us night 1.

3. Honestly this cross battle format is incredibly dumb and I hate it.

4. Jej and Kalvin killed it imo. Jej has such a clean and clear voice, I love him. I hope he can get the right song choices for him throughout the competition.

5. I really liked Kalvin's rendition of New Rules. Jej may have been slightly better vocally, but Kalvin was prob the most entertaining of the night. I really enjoyed his performance.

6. Shawn was really good too. His voice is so smooth and that is a really hard song to cover. I was really pleased with his performance.

7. Beth had a few issues, but her performance was still awesome lolol I am mad she wasn't stolen :/

8. Gyth's performance was really raw and pure and I really enjoyed it.

9. I'm still not like the BIGGEST fan of Kendra :x, but I thought her performance here was pretty good.

10. Carter killed that song, BUT it wasn't really anything except an actual carbon copy of the original lol I wanted more.

11. Pretty much everyone else was meh, except the Bundy's sucked lmaoooo.

12. It definitely wasn't Julian's best performance, but UGH how did no one steal him? His voice is so fucking good and he's got great stage presence and style too wtf they missed out on him....:/ fuck this season.

Points: 38 5 comments