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The Voice Season 13 Knockouts Night 1

Nov 2, 2017 by Kob3Sm1th
"Landslide" - Chloe Kohanski (7)
"I Can Only Imagine" - Davon Fleming (3)
"I'm Goin' Down" - Janice Freeman (8)
"Either Way" - Adam Cunningham (28)
"Superstar" - Esera Tuaolo (16)
"Who's Lovin' You" - Shi'Ann Jones (14)
"Blue Bayou" - Karli Webster (4)
"Wanted Dead or Alive" - Ashland Craft (22)
"Beneath Your Beautiful" - Addison Agen (11)
"All Along the Watchtower" - Dennis Drummond (17)
"Tell It Like It Is" - Lucas Holiday (5)
"What's Going On" - Eric Lyn (15)

Adam (28) vs. Esera (16)
-Who should've won: Adam tbh
-Who won: Esera
-Should Adam have been stolen?: Based on that performance, probably, but meh
-Was he stolen?: Obviously lol

Eric (15) vs. Davon (3)
-Who should've won: LMAO Davon 1000%
-Who won: Davon
-Should Eric have been stolen?: No
-Was he stolen?: No

Karli (4) vs. Janice (8)
-Who should've won: Janice
-Who won: Janice
-Should Karli have been stolen?: Based off that performance, meh, but I liked her a lot, so yea.
-Was she stolen?: No :(

Ashland (22) vs. Chloe (7)
-Who should've won: Chloe
-Who won: Ashland ?????
-Should Chloe have been stolen?: YES
-Was she stolen?: Yes, thank God

Lucas (5) vs. Shi'Ann (14)
-Who should've won: Shi'Ann tbh
-Who won: Shi'Ann
-Should Lucas have been stolen?: I mean probably, but this performance wasn't good
-Was he stolen?: No

Dennis (17) vs. Addison (11)
-Who should've won: Addison
-Who won: Addison
-Should Dennis have been stolen?: Nah
-Was he stolen?: No

1. Davon Fleming
2. Chloe Kohanski
3. Janice Freeman
4. Addison Agen
5. Esera Tuaolo
6. Shi'Ann Jones
7. Adam Cunningham
8. Ashland Craft


Coach Rankings:

#TeamJHud Average Ranking: 4th

1. Davon Fleming
2. Shi'Ann Jones

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 5th

1. Chloe Kohanski
2. Esera Tuaolo

#TeamMiley Average Ranking: 6th

1. Janice Freeman
2. Ashland Craft

#TeamAdam Average Ranking: 6th

1. Addison Agen
2. Adam Cunningham


Knockouts Night 1 Notes:

1. Sorry for being late again.

2. Holy fuck...there were some GREAT knockouts here...

3. Chloe, Davon, and Janice were A M A Z I N G. I've watched all 3 of their performances like 100 times each already 0_0

4. Chloe sounded fucking professional. There was not ONE mistake in that performance. I'm blown away.

5. Davon, like Chloe was pretty much perfect. I was floored. Davon has such clean vocals it's unreal..

6. Janice brought the GRIT. Ugh I loved every bit of it! I honestly don't know what else to say about these three....they were just incredible.

7. Adam was actually really good here. I think country artists should try sticking to Chris Stapleton songs lmao cuz they're always better performances on The Voice and reach wider audiences since it isn't pop country.

8. Tbh, I wasn't feeling Esera's performance as much as everyone else, but it was still good.

9. I pretty much thought everyone else was just decent or good, nothing too spectacular.

10. Eric and Lucas weren't great tho. They deserved to lose, but sad to see Lucas go.



I love Davon
Sent by hwest14,Nov 2, 2017
Janice's performance had me feeling emotions i didn't even know existed!!!!!
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Nov 2, 2017
Addison is most DEFINITELY #1
Sent by HaydenNicole,Nov 2, 2017

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