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Homophobia/Disability Shaming on Tengaged

6thSep 9, 2019 by Kelly2722
(Proof inside/Imgur screenshots included/Get ready for tea sisters)

Hey, so I just finished up a Snapchat BB game with the host being none other than the user HoneyBadgerz, who has been trying to get players for his game for weeks that lasted only a couple of hours.

Anyways, the entire game was rigged and he didn’t deny it much. He rigged for everyone at certain points in the game, including me, which just didn’t make the game that much fun. The cast was very tough and strategic, however, the host just sucked. What else could you expect from a white level hosted bb game hosted on Snapchat? Expectations were not high.

What also wasn’t expected was me being called a “faggot” and “retarded” for arguing the existence of unicorns (which in fact, they do, look it up, they just aren’t magical, they are simply a breed of horses or something). The argument over unicorn existence was funny and banter until the host, James, HoneyBadgerz, decided to start shaming me for being gay. Here are just SOME screenshots of the beginning of the discrimination:

Now while I do not have screenshots of him calling me retarded, I do have a witness in Juan0316 and teamclay, who were both in the game and can attest to these statements.

Screen recordings were also made during the entirety of the argument by others in the chat, but I do not have access to them.

The homophobia and disability shaming just got worse and worse, and James didn’t show really any remorse for calling me a “faggot” (in fact he kept calling me one numerous times), and simply said that “retarded isn’t a bad word, it’s the same thing as stupid”.

I am sick of this terminology being thrown around. It is 2019. This needs to stop now. I am posting this not to just expose him for his comments, but to also show people that treating people in a matter such as how he treated me will only result in bad consequences.

If you read this, thank you for your time and hopefully you continue to advocate against homophobia and disability changing.


Edit: Here are the videos of you’d like to pause the screen record frame by frame:


This was a shit show man idk what was going on
Sent by parkerstack7,Sep 9, 2019
It sucks that you've been made to feel that way.

I hope you find some resolution.
Sent by iAyeEye,Sep 9, 2019
Woke!!!!! Oh my god Kelly I agree with you 100%. It makes me sick when I get called that for being gay as well , it's a disgusting word and shouldn't even be allowed to be said. So well said sweety , I want to add you just for this blog. Ugh such a woke queen. Kelly2722 and fuck you HoneyBadgerz !! You are trash and deserve to get banned , bye.
Sent by Codyy,Sep 9, 2019
This is disgusting. All 3 of them are losers lol
Sent by immaxyman,Sep 10, 2019

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