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My experience with NexusCain

1stJun 17, 2020 by Kelly2722
I feel like I would be doing an injustice if I were to not speak up, but as someone who has experienced firsthand his predatory behavior, I feel obligated to share my story about NexusCain in light of the recent concerns about his character and accusations of pedophilia against him.

Nexus and I were good friends about a year ago, and he made several advances on me via skype and snapchat, flirting with me and asking me for nudes, sending me his nudes, etc. For those who do not know, Nexus Cain is actually his stage name as he is an aspiring professional wrestler. Knowing that I am a fan of WWE, Nexus told me that he would be able to get me in contact with some superstars like former wrestler Paige, only if I were to send him nudes.

After about a month of me refusing to send him nudes, Nexus unadded me on snapchat and no longer talked to me on skype.

There is another Tengaged user that is my age that has shared with me that they had a similar experience with Nexus trying to force nudes out of him, but since I believe sharing his username would be a violation of his privacy, I will keep them anonymous unless they see this blog and give me the okay to tag them.

Now, I do have to note that myself and the unnamed Tengager that have had these experiences with Nexus, we were both above the legal age of 18 while they occurred. So while our experiences personally can only attest to him being a sexual predator, it does not show proof that he is a pedophile.

The only instance I remember him saying to me that may point evidence to him being a pedophile is where he told me he gets majority of his snap friends that he gets nudes from, which is he adds them from Instagram under the tag #GayTeenSnapchat or something along those lines, but I am 100% certain that they were teenagers that he was sexting. Whether they were 18-19 or 13-17, that is unknown.

I don’t share this story because I want attention or anything along those lines, because I genuinely do not have any agenda against Nexus because we were at one point good friends and it’s a shame that he ended that friendship. I chose to share my story because there is a serious problem with predators and pedophilia on Tengaged and if there is anything I can do to try to bring these users to light, I most certainly will be honest and open with my experiences in order to save other Tengager’s.


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