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I’m over your shit (Expose Blog)

3rdJun 3, 2020 by Kelly2722
I really wasn’t going to blog about it because I really have moved on from actively entertaining drama and getting involved in petty shit, but this needs to be said. Take a look at these screenshots that I pulled from a Skype chat that I’m in that happened a couple months ago.

I do regret not sharing this to the public when it first happened, but at the time I did not want to entertain drama especially with Leah because it seems for some reason, she is very well liked by a lot of people, despite all of the terrible things she does and says to people.

I do believe posting porn in a chat that has multiple underage teens is rather inappropriate, regardless of whether you’re trying to be funny or whatever. It’s very classless and there is really no reason to be doing that.

While I point out that it is inappropriate and uncalled for, Leah has no remorse and defended her actions. Now I believe that if literally anybody else in the chat pointed out the obvious, Leah would have deleted the link and apologized. However, since me and Leah do not have the best past and I was the one to step forward to say something, she got all defensive.

Leah ( Fetish) has had a problem with me due to a mutual friends charity game SEVERAL YEARS AGO in which I nominated her because she was trying to ruin it. Despite my efforts to rebuild what was once a good friendship, Leah has consistently showed that she had no interest in being my friend again, which I was fine with. I moved on.
However, it seems as though every conversation I have with Leah, she seems to bring up the past and try to dig up comments I made back in 2017.

For those who may be unaware, not too long ago marked the two year anniversary since Matt64 committed suicide. Matt was a very good friend of mine for several years, and his passing caused me to go through a lot of psychological issues like depression and anxiety, and it is something I still suffer with today, especially around the anniversary of his death. Matt was like a brother to me, and while we had mostly good times together, we did occasionally fight. I remember there was a night in October and there was a huge California mass shooting. Of course everyone’s emotions were high and everyone was distressed, and unfortunately Matt and I got into a huge argument over the event. We were very emotional and angry, and we made some insensitive comments, one of which where I told Matt to kill himself. Even though I did not mean it, and even though I did not think much of the comment, I later realized how insensitive that was and how it could hurt somebody. A couple of days later, Matt and myself got back together and mended our relationship as we always did after we had a fight. We went back to talking regularly and we both moved on from the instance.

Now, of course 6 months later, Matt did commit suicide on March 29th, 2018. When I heard the news, I cried that whole night. I lost one of my best friends and I just could not believe he was actually gone. Instead of getting help and support from Tengaged, I was bullied by half of the site as people went through his blogs and seen a post from 6 months prior where we had that fight. What people do not know because I never wanted to come out about it, is that night I tried to kill myself.

It took an extremely long time, but after a while, not only did I find forgiveness from Tengagers, but I found forgiveness from myself. In honor of Matt, I became an activist for mental health and anti-bullying. While of course I did not become a saint, I did definitely change my ways and became more cautious of how I treated people.

It has been several years now, yet Fetish still brings up the instance to try to bring me down and bully me back into depression. Not only can you see it in the screenshot I posted earlier, but here is her attacking me with it in a recent blog I made.

I think when someone goes through a traumatic experience like that such as I did when I was 17 years old, it is so not cool to keep pushing it down their throats even after they matured and became a better person, and that is exactly what Leah has done to me for the past two years.

Leah, I want you to know that no matter how much you try to bring me down, it’s not working. I tried many times to repair our relationship but if you want to continuously be petty, then you can do that. I don’t have room in my heart for that hatred anymore.

When you cannot touch somebody for who they are now, you try to dig up who they used to be. But unfortunately for you Fetish is that there is nothing you can say to me that will bring me down to your level.


Plus! Idk her well but she seems toxic!
Sent by Flickgamecolin,Jun 3, 2020
It’s literally a VINE calm down. Not to mention the youngest user in that chat was 17 going on 18. You did not reach before you stretched that far

And sorry I’m not gonna let you forget the fucked up shit you did. IDC if you think that you changed. What you did to Matt was unforgivable. If that makes you mad then so be it, I would be mad too, however it is deserved
Sent by Fetish,Jun 4, 2020
Fetish I’m not mad puddin, I’m just saying that your obsession with me is really not cute and you nagging me about comments I made when I was literally a child is very much a stretch. Meanwhile you stand beside and remain friends with racists. You are nothing more than a bully and I just wish you would get over yourself. And BTW there were several minors in the chat, one of which was confirmed 16 at the time.
Sent by Kelly2722,Jun 4, 2020
fetish you’re a fucked up piece of shit they were friends be real how many people have u said fucked up shit too u would regret if they died? You’re trying to make him blame himself literally log off
Sent by Flickgamecolin,Jun 4, 2020
kelly2722 pointing out your hypocrisy is not obsession? I understand the horrible things you’ve done probably make you uncomfortable when they’re brought up but that is not my issue. I was just pointing out that with you doing one of the worst things to ever be done on this site, talking about forgiveness was funny coming from you.

And addressing the Spider-Man issue. Yes it was probably not the smartest thing to do, but you are also failing to provide context. We were having a funny conversation related to that and vines and I sent that video bc I could not find the actual spider man ass slapping vine. It would be one thing if I was sending graphic images and gifs, but all I did was send a funny vid link with a non graphic thumbnail to a group chat of mostly adults and few 17 yo’s who talk about porn and sex constantly. I highly doubt I’m stealing their innocence or exposing them to things they have yet to see, especially when they had to click the link to see anything bad. Not to mention I was a minor at the time too. The fact that you’re using that against me to defend bullying a child who eventually committed suicide shows you have nothing on me. This is not an expose, this is just you proving you’re stupid. And now as I tried to do on your last blog, I am ending this. Like I said I just thought your blog about forgiveness was funny coming from you.
Sent by Fetish,Jun 4, 2020
Fetish I find it funny that you continue to say that you are “ending this” when you have brought this conversation up countless times over the past two years. And a change in mindset moving from 17-20 is not hypocrisy. Disagreeing with things I said 3 years ago is not hypocrisy. Despite what you may think, humans do adapt and humans do change. Your entire hatred against me is all because of a game that happened over 3 years ago, and you desperately need to nag me on shit that happened years ago because you have nothing on me now. Meanwhile, everybody knows who you are now, everybody knows that you stand beside racist friends, and there are several people that can stand witness to the fact that there were 15-16 year olds in the chat you were posting porn in. That is not okay. And instead of admitting you were wrong to do that when I confronted the problem, you insisted on deflecting the conversation to yet again something I said 3 years ago. Sooner or later everybody is going to see you for the vile piece of shit you are so if I were you, I’d get my act together sweetie.
Sent by Kelly2722,Jun 4, 2020
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Jun 4, 2020
+15 proud of u @nonracistkellynumbers
Sent by temponeptune,Jun 4, 2020
I'm sorry, nobody should use mistakes against you and it makes me think about the mean shit I say sometimes to people.
Sent by LivvieBoo12,Jun 4, 2020

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