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Nommed for 5th ⭐️⭐️⭐️

12thJul 19, 2019 by Kelly2722
Hey guys,
This Stars journey has been messy, stressful, frustrating, and extremely difficult. However, it is an experience that I am so proud to have done. This game has been so much fun despite me being on the bottom for most of the game. This is my first stars game, and I honestly never thought I’d be able to make it this far. I genuinely believed I was going to be nominated for 16th, and for me to have made payouts is one of the greatest feelings imaginable. I am the last remaining of my original alliance, and everyone left in the game has locked me in as a set at least once. Some twice, and some even all three times. Everyone sees me as a threat to win this game due to me being outspoken and willing to make moves when nobody else would. I have brought my everything to this game and was the HBIC of making moves against the majority. Very late in the game, I got people to flip to my side and I am so thankful for them because they gave me a chance when nobody else in the game would. So for that I’d like to thank Spiderboom and mathboy9. You two are the ONLY ones to have given me an opportunity to make moves when everybody else leaked my plans. You are both lovely and I am so glad to be friends with you both. Good luck Adam in this poll, you are amazing.

I am so close to making my first finals in my first stars. I have made so many waves in this game that NOBODY can deny. I risked everything I had to ensure moves were made, and I got some of  my biggest targets in the game nominated. Despite this being my first stars, it is clear that I played an excellent game, and did everything I could even though the odds were never in my favor. I was the underdog in this game, and I thank the public so damn much for voting me to be here for this long because without you, I would’ve been evicted for 11th.

Thank you all so much, I really want to be in this game, and I hope I have your support.
I love you all, please vote for me to stay here:

Thank you guys so much ❤️


good luck :)
Sent by bassmaster1013,Jul 19, 2019
++ <3
Sent by mathboy9,Jul 19, 2019
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Sent by maturo,Jul 19, 2019

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