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Let me clear something up

5thDec 30, 2020 by Kelly2722
Because I don’t appreciate Dallas fabricating evidence and leaving shit out and changing stories to make me look bad.

Dallas decided to attack me randomly earlier today because I made a new roblox chat on discord and he wasn’t invited because obviously we don’t like each other. Because of this, he decided to bring up and attack my relationship with his ex, Caleb, whom I have been friends with way prior. Dallas thinks that I went out of my way to hit up Caleb after they had broken up because Dallas and I were arguing over stupid shit which isn’t the case at all BUT ANYWAYS I want to focus more on the narrative that Dallas is trying to paint in his blog.

Dallas told me before anybody else about this hookup that he went on, and he told me it was 100% consensual. He told me he agreed to meet up and blow this random old dude in a mall bathroom stall. Dallas told me that AFTER they were done, he decided that he didn’t like it and then started saying that it made it rape. That’s not how that works. Now Dallas is switching up his story saying that he “said no in the middle of it” which is completely different from what he had told me prior. I agree that you can take back consent at any time before or during the encounter, just not after which is exactly what Dallas told me he did.

Dallas is known to fabricate evidence and make up stories which is why it’s surprising that people STILL are taking what he says seriously without trying to hear other sides of things. His blog is FILLED with lies, the full screenshots aren’t there, and he’s blatantly trying to make me out to be a villain JUST because I’m close with his ex-boyfriend.

I’m completely disgusted that Dallas has now gone out of his way several times now to try to paint me out to be someone I’m not on the blogs page.

But if y’all want to believe his lies then gl for it, I really don’t give a fuck. I know the truth, he knows the truth, my friends know the truth, and the 50-60 people in the group chat that he pulled those screenshots from know the truth as to what actually went down. If you want to see the full screenshots of the argument then you can hmu but frankly I’m done feeling the need to defend myself when I’m just defending myself against lies online.

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