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Rest In Peace Matt❤️

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The End❤️ Mar 16, 2021
I’ve made the decision to end my journey on Tengaged and request a permanent ban. I was going to make a long and extra blog about all of the friendships I’ve made on here and all that but you can’t see blogs of banned users so that’d be pretty pointless lmao. I just haven’t been happy on the website in the past few years and in light of all of the drama and hatred being thrown my way for one comment, one mistake I made 4 years ago, I just think it’s best to remove myself from the website.

If anybody wants to stay in touch, my discord is DJ Kelly#2722  and my snap is xlovedjx.

Bye 👋
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After two years Mar 9, 2021
I’m finally quitting my job serving and bartending. Frankly, I’m quite tired of being called defamatory slurs for doing my job and I’m done getting disrespected by management and customers when I’m nothing but nice to them. I’m not allowing them to walk over me anymore. I’m way too smart, way too talented, and way too nice to be treated the way I am at work, so I’ll make my money elsewhere. I have a degree now, I can get a job I actually like and make bank for it.
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My Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs Feb 25, 2021
Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs
1.  Wildest Dreams
2.  Mine
3.  Cardigan
4.  The Story Of Us
5.  All Too Well
6.  Blank Space
7.  Love Story
8.  Long Live
9.  My Tears Ricochet
10.  Champagne Problems

Tagging people who I know/think are Swifties

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Some people NEVER change Feb 23, 2021
sportsgeek12 RANDOMLY attacked me in a FASTINGS and made several comments about me being gay, my pronouns, and flooded the chat with saying #Trump2024.

Link to the fastings if you want to go back and read for yourself.

brandonpinzu koolness234 cheapcheep randomize

Get the fucker.
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And there it is Feb 16, 2021
Another toxic ass thing that bothers me, saying someone is playing a “victim”, it’s like the most bland response to someone calling you out. You literally told me to kill myself, you called me a pig when I’m anorexic, and you keep calling me slurs. You are a BULLY and you need to do better.
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I’m just gonna leave this here Feb 15, 2021

Earlier top20fan33 told me to kill myself because I, as well as several others, reported him for suspected cheating in survivor. Aside from this, he and his friends have been calling me a pig (when I’m anorexic) and have been calling me the bannable f-word, but the mods refuse to do anything since it happened on discord.

Cameron, you can bully me all you’d like but the fact remains that you’re telling people to kill themselves in 2021. Seek help.
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