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#SelfieGate Apr 22, 2020
imageI haven’t posted a selfie on tg in a while so now seems like the only fitting time to do so lmao. Be nice plz ty
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Two years Mar 29, 2020
I really was taken by surprise today when I seen a few blogs saying that today marks two years since Matt64 left us. It really does not feel like it’s been that long, because it feels like him and I were just talking with each other just days ago. People here who really know me understand how much Matt has impacted my life both before and after his passing. Him and I had such an up and down relationship when we were younger, but that friendship carried us through almost 4 years of friendship. Matt was one of my best friends at one point, and he was almost like a brother to me. We laughed a whole lot, we fought a whole lot, but at the end of the day we always came back to each other and appreciated the friendship we had.
Matt, I’ll miss you forever and I pray that you are at peace in the afterlife. RIP friend 🖤

If anybody is struggling with this, or struggling with anything in life and need someone to talk to, please reach out for help, even if it’s not me or someone you know. There are people in this world who want to help and acknowledge that mental health comes before anything. I’m always available to talk to if you would like 🖤

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Well I was assaulted today Feb 5, 2020
I was on the train on my home from school, and there was 9 high school boys roughhousing on the train. I just ignored them at first, but then one of them accidentally smacked me in my face. I didn’t say anything but he did apologize. So I continued to just sit there listening to music, until the same kid grabbed my phone and said “Ooo where did you get this phone?”
I said “Please do not touch my phone” and took it back from him. He took off his jacket getting ready to fight and I just sat there waiting for the bitch to try it. His friends pulled him back, and I just continued going about my business. That was until I got off at my stop and the kid ran up behind me and started punching me from behind. He was short as fuck so it didn’t hurt because he had no momentum and hit like a bitch, but I couldn’t fight back because 1) I’d go to jail for hitting a child and 2) I would’ve gotten jumped by his 8 friends had I defended myself and fought back. The little bitch ran away after barely getting 4 hits in, so I just went about my business while other riders who witnessed it asked if I was okay. I let the transit police know and a report was filed, and once they identify the fucker I will be pressing charges.

Not even a bruise or sore mark so I’m okay but like Philly is so fucking ghetto and I need to get out.

Edit: and I see those same fuckers all the time because I’m guessing we get done at around the same time (which is weird because why are high schoolers getting out of school at 2?) so now I have to find a new way home to avoid getting attacked again. I shouldn’t have to be fearful of just riding the train because I’ve been doing it every day for the past 3 years. I want these kids arrested.
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Since everyone is STILL talking about this Jan 17, 2020
I might as well put my opinion out there, too.

I think that all of y’all should just shut the fuck up and mind your own damn business. If James didn’t have a problem with Red flirting with him then it shouldn’t be a big deal, especially due to the fact that Red isn’t even that much older than James, and James is on the verge of being a grown ass adult.

And literally what the fuck is up with Tengaged obsessing over Red when there are other proven ACTUAL pedophiles on this site? Y’all are hung up on a 20 year old having feelings for a 17 year old, like what??

Move the fuck on, like damn.
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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 Nov 28, 2019
Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to some people I am thankful for on this site.

I’m thankful for everyone on my friends list besides Joesph Pati for making me smile at least once: zachbbs Thumper91 Colter Blitszims lexeyjane rory17 SpiderBoom WannaBeeFriends Guigi Eilish mbarnish1 systrix GoodKaren mathboy9 aaronstevens4444 top20fan33

I’m thankful for my tg snap friends who aren’t on my friends list for whatever reason: lovelykiss arris emzthorne bamold1999 Akeria s73100

I’m thankful for my vivor tribe who hasn’t voted me out yet: BrittBritt Sam_Hamwich mbarnish1 Cheeseman2468 Mareito

And I’m thankful for a couple of other hoes who also aren’t on my friends list for whatever reason: Kaseyhope101 MarieEve

Happy Thanksgiving ya little sluts 💋
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“You’re Next” Blog Series: 🔪Episode 4🔪 Oct 18, 2019
Liv Summers - #Kelly2722
Meredith Summers - #Kelly2722
Beck Roberts - #Kelly2722
Mac Anderson - Macda27
Kate Anderson - #Macda27
Jenna Anderson - #Macda27
Samuel Samuels - varlto
Issy Jenner - immaxyman
Brandon Johnson - rawr121
Nicolette Murphy - BluJay112
Castor Murphy - #BluJay112
Kendall Roberts - #SharonMaItems
Jesse Wilkinson - Ethan000
Jem Conway - Kaseyhope101
Evelina Indigo - #varlto
Jennifer Sterling - Joobix
Mary Chambers - Thirteen
Cody Mackson - TwoStep_isBack ***DEAD***
Jenny Vinson - RightToCensor ***DEAD***
Kelsey Mercado - #rawr121 ***DEAD***
David Summers - #Kelly2722 ***DEAD***
Tony Roberts - #rawr121 ***DEAD***
Preston Summers - SharonMaItems ***DEAD***
Julian Grantham - ShaneDawson12345 ***DEAD***
Gloria Summers - SabrinaRayexxx ***DEAD***
Morgan O’Conner - #Ethan000 ***DEAD***
Lily Collins - tkoj555 ***DEAD***
Jackson Price (JP) - Jasoi ***DEAD***
Renna Ling - PoohSnap ***DEAD***

***New Years Day~3:54am***

*Kate pulls Jenna through a hallway on the second floor, trying to find a closet they could lock themselves in*

Jenna- “Hey Kate...”

Kate- “What?.”

Jenna- “Do you think we’re going to die, tonight?”

Kate- “Don’t you fucking say that, okay! We are not dying here. Mac said that everything was going to work out the way it should. We are making it out of this alive, together.”

Jenna- “How do you know that? Mac doesn’t have control over this situation. He always says things so optimistically but there is no bright light at the end of this tunnel. As much as I want to think we’re going to be okay, I just don’t, okay!”

Kate- “Have some faith. We can fight through this.”

*Kate points to a hallway closet*

Kate- “There. The both of us can fit in there. Let’s go.”

*Kate and Jenna hurry over to the closet and shut themselves inside*

**In The Living Room**

*Meredith, Liv, Beck, Samuel, Brandon, Issy, Nicolette, Castor, Mac, Jem, Jesse, Evelina, and Jennifer all stand in the living room, thinking about their next move*

Samuel- “Okay, I say we go out there and start hunting the hunters.”

Nicolette- “Are you high? What kind of dumb idea is that? You want us to expose ourselves to the maniacs with weapons?”

Samuel- “We have a shotgun..”

Meredith- “Correction. Í have a shotgun.”

Jennifer- “Samuel’s right. We don’t know how many more of them are out there, and I for one don’t feel like sitting around waiting to find out if there’s more.”

Meredith- “I am not going out there. We need to stay here and play defense.”

Jennifer- “Okay then you stay here and play defense. The LOGICAL people will come out and fight with us. Give me your gun.”

Meredith- “Go fuck yourself. NOBODY is handling this gun besides me. You want to go out there and put your life on the line like an idiot? Go the fuck ahead. But you’ll all end up just like your friend Lily.”

Samuel- “Lily was not our friend. She was Liv’s friend.”

Evelina- “Emphasis on was.”

Kendall- “I’m with Samuel and Jennifer.”

*Jennifer looks at Meredith*

Jennifer- “Fine. We don’t need your fucking gun. We can handle ourselves. If you’re with me, let’s go.”

Meredith- “Dumb cunts.”

Samuel- “Love you, too.”

*Jennifer, Samuel, and Kendall head to the door, peek their heads out to make sure the coast is clear, and then make a run for it. Castor quickly shuts the door behind them*

Castor- “They are so going to die.”

Jem- “I mean.. yeah they’re screwed. Oh well.”

Jesse- “Oh well? They basically just signed a death wish and all you can say is “Oh well?” What the fuck is the matter with you?”

Jem- “I don’t give a rats ass about any of them. They’re kinda vile. If they die, they die. I’m more worried about others.”

Jesse- “Wow. You aren’t who I thought you were.”

Jem- “People get killed every god damn day. I’m not going to cry over the inevitable, and neither should any of you. We all die eventually so stop being sensitive little wusses.”

Liv- “Can y’all please stop? Fighting each other isn’t going to solve anything. If we just stick together, then..”

Jem- “Oh here we go again. Should I grab some popcorn?”

Liv - “— Jem I don’t know what your fucking problem with me is, but you need to get over it, now.”

Jem- “My problem with you? You’re out here giving melodramatic motivational speeches when we should be planning a defensive attack.”

Liv- “The only reason I need to be giving these “melodramatic motivational speeches” is because bitches like you keep making a full out of yourselves and not focusing on the task at hand.”

Jem- “Oh bitch please, we’re not focused? All night you’ve been focusing on one thing and one thing only. You’re mad I stole your man.”

Liv- “PPFFPFFMMHAHAHAHA ARE YOU SERIOUS? THAT is what you think? Are you delusional??!”

Jem- “You’ve been looking at him all night. You have a boyfriend sis, compose yourself.”

*Beck and Jesse stand and watch silently feeling awkward as ever as Jem and Liv argue pointlessly*

Liv- “Look, I know we had a rocky falling out after graduation but I can promise you that the only thing I am focused on tonight is getting everyone out of here alive.”

Jem- “Yeah so you and Jesse can ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after, right?”

Jesse- “Oh fuck you, Jem. You’re way in over your head.”

Jem- “Fuck me? Ha. Fuck me? We already played that game, remember?”

Nicolette- “Okay THAT is enough. Everyone shut the fuck up.”

*As everyone starts arguing more, Issy whispers over to Brandon*

Issy- “Ya know, speaking of all of the fucking, did you want to sneak back upstairs and go for a round two? All of this crazy serial killers shit is making me really anxious and.. weirdly horny. I could use another good dicking down.”

*Brandon smirks*

Brandon- “Lead the way.”

**Outside, One Mile Away from the Villa**

Kendall- “Okay. I’m officially over all of the walking.”

Samuel- “Nobody has even tried to attack us, and we must be a mile away from the house at this point. Do you guys really think it’s over?”

Jennifer- “Not a chance.”

Kendall- “Yeah, Jenn is right. They probably just don’t care about us. We barely have any ties with that family. Don’t even know why we are here.”

Jennifer- “Oh no, it’s not that.”

Kendall- “It’s not what..?”

Jennifer- “Everyone invited to the party tonight is connected to all of this. Everybody that is dying could be a potential witness or a liability in the plan.”

Samuel- “Plan..? What Pla..”

*Jennifer takes out a small pocketknife and slashes Samuel’s throat; Kendall screams*

Jennifer- “Our plan.”

*Samuel falls to the ground, dead, as Jennifer turns her head towards Kendall*

Jennifer- “You’re next, sweetie.”

*Kendall screams and starts running back towards the house, followed by Jennifer*

**At the Villa, in an Upstairs bedroom**

*Brandon is on top of Issy, undressed, as the two of them are passionately kissing*

Brandon- “You’re such a bad little girl.”

Issy- “Oh shut the fuck up and just fuck me.”

*Brandon and Issy are fully under the sheets, when suddenly, Tiger Mask slowly, quietly approaches the bedside*

Issy- *moaning* “Fuck, you’re so good..”

Brandon- “You’re so fucking hot..”

*Tiger Mask pulls out a machete; the sound grabbing Issy’s attention*

Issy- “What was that..??”

Brandon- “Huh?”

*Tiger Mask plunges his machete through the chests of both Brandon and Issy, killing Brandon instantly as Issy screams, before spitting up blood, and then dying herself.*

**In the Hallway Closet*

Jenna- “Oh my God, what was that? Who was that??”

Kate- “I don’t know.. it sounded like it came from the bedroom right across the hall.”

Jenna- “Oh my God, we have to go and help.”

Kate- “No! We have to stay here and play it safe.”

Jenna- “Somebody needs our help. We can’t let them die.”

Kate- “And I can’t let you die. Okay, you and Mac are everything to me. I can’t let either of you get hurt.”

Jenna- “Kate, I love you. But if that was one of us in there, screaming for help, I know for damn sure you’d want someone to go in there and help you... We can do this... together. We will be okay..”

Kate- *pauses as she lets out a couple of tears* “...Okay.... I’ll go out first, stay right behind me, okay?”

Jenna- “Okay.”

*Kate slowly opens the door and tiptoes out followed by Jenna, they go over to the bedroom door, and slowly open it*

Kate- “Hello..? We’re coming in..”

*Kate enters the room and instantly sees Brandon and Issy’s bodies dead on the bed, with no sign of Tiger Mask anywhere*

Kate- *Eyes filled with tears* “Oh my God..”

*Kate turns around and looks at Jenna, speechless.*

Jenna- “We have to get out of here, now.”

*Kate nods*

*Suddenly, Wolf Mask comes walking up behind Jenna*


*Kate runs and pushes Jenna out of the way, as Wolf Mask raises a small knife and stabs Kate in her forehead.*

Jenna- *screams and cries* “KATE!!!”

*Kate turns around before falling to her knees, and then collapses to the floor, dead. Wolf mask makes his way towards Jenna, but Jenna runs and jumps out the window, falling two stories*



*Mac runs upstairs, followed by Liv, Beck, Jesse, Nicolette, and Castor, while Jem, Evelina, and Meredith stay downstairs watching the door.*

*Jenna is dragging herself away from the house, as Wolf Mask watches her struggle from the upstairs bedroom.*


*Wolf Mask pulls out a bow and arrow that he had hidden in the bedroom closet, points it out the window, aiming for Jenna, and with one shot, shoots her in the head, killing her instantly.*

*Mac, followed by the others, runs to the bedroom door, seeing Kate’s dead body on the floor*

Mac- *screams and cries* “NO!!!”

*Wolf Mask turns around and looks at Mac.*


*Mac pulls the knife out of his sister’s head, runs towards Wolf Mask and stabs him in the eye, then pushes him out the window*

*Wolf Mask screams as he falls head first to the ground, pushing the knife deeper into his eye socket, snapping his neck, and killing him in the process*

*Mac cries as he sees Jenna’s dead body just 10 feet away from Wolf Mask*

Mac- *cries* “This wasn’t supposed to happen..”

*Liv, Beck, Jesse, Nicolette, and Castor all stand in shock as Mac pushes by them, and heads downstairs, moving towards the door*

Jem- “Where are you going?”

Evelina- “What happened??”

Mac- *crying* “I’m done with this shit. I’m leaving.”

Meredith- “Mac, don’t be stupid, think about what you’re doing..”

Mac- “Fuck you.” *Mac storms out the front door, crying*

**In the Woods**

*Mac is crying and walking towards a nearby house, until he hears Kendall screaming and running towards him*

Kendall- “MAC!!!? MAC HELP ME SHE’S CRAZY!!”

*Kendall runs towards Mac and grabs his arm*

Kendall- “Jennifer is trying to kill me! She killed Sam! She’s one of the killers!!”

Mac- “...I know.”

Kendall- “...What? How..?”

*Jennifer runs up behind Kendall and stabs her in the back of her neck, then throws Kendall on the ground*

Jennifer- “Because he’s one, too.”

*Kendall lays on the ground spitting out blood, crying*

Mac- “...Let me finish her off. Give me your knife.”

Jennifer- “Sure thing. Ready for your first kill of the night?”

*Jennifer hands Mac her knife*

Mac- “..Yes.. I am.”

*Mac turns and slashes Jennifer’s throat, and watches her fall to the ground*

Mac- “...Go to Hell, bitch.”

*Mac walks towards the other house as Jennifer and Kendall bleed to death*

*Mac walks over to the houses door, opens it, and is greeted by an old woman, sitting in a rocking chair by a fireplace*

Mary- “Welcome home, dear.”


Cody Mackson #TwoStep_IsBack (Crossbow shot into eye)
Jenny Vinson #RightToCensor (Throat slit with machete)
Kelsey Mercado #rawr121 (Cut in half with chainsaw)
David Summers #Kelly2722 (Shot in neck with arrow)
Tony Roberts #rawr121 (Slit open with machete)
Preston Summers #SharonMaItems (Slit open with machete)
Gloria Summers #Kelly2722 (Decapitated, Head found in freezer)
Julian Grantham #ShaneDawson12345 (Slit open, charred in oven)
Morgan O’Conner #Ethan000 (Throat slit)
Lily Collins #tkoj555 (Head decapitated)
Lamb Mask #Kelly2722 (Shot in stomach)
Jackson Price (JP) #Jasoi (Slit wrists)
Renna Ling #PoohSnap (Neck snapped, thrown out window)
Samuel Samuels #Varlto (Throat slit)
Brandon Johnson #rawr121 (Impaled with machete)
Issy Jenner #immaxyman (Impaled with machete)
Kate Anderson #Macda27 (Stabbed in head)
Jenna Anderson #Macda27 (Shot in head with arrow)
Wolf Mask #Kelly2722 (Stabbed in eye, Pushed out window, Snapped Neck)
Kendall Roberts #SharonMaItems (Stabbed in Neck)
Jennifer Sterling #Joobix (Throat slit)


Hey guys, hope y’all enjoyed this episode. This season is coming to a close very fast, so be prepared for a finale in the near future! Leave your thoughts and comments down below and let me know what you like or what you think needs improving. Who do you think will make it?

Until next episode x ~DJ
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