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PYN for an Opinion x

4thNov 5, 2020 by Kelly2722
Updating when I see them

zachbbs - I think we got along really well and had a pretty good friendship a little over a year ago, we don’t talk at all anymore and haven’t in about like a year. I don’t agree with your political views at all and it’s a little frustrating seeing your blogs about politics but it’s not really enough for me to just dislike you. I think it’s just an indifference with me.

Olympia - We might’ve met in a Skype chat or something but I don’t think I know you, sorry.

Crissy15 - I think we were in a hg or something together some time back but I don’t remember ever talking to you.

gabrieltrezza - I only remember interacting with you in the roblox chat several months ago playing isle or whatever game, but aside from that we don’t talk at all and I don’t really know anything about you. We have mutual friends but you support and are friends with some Tengagers that really hurt me and I hate judging people based off of that but it’s caused me to feel some type of way whenever I see your user IDK.

Typhlosion37 - Idk you and don’t think we ever talked but I feel like you might’ve evicted me in a frooks or voted me out in vivor or some shit idk but fuck you if you did x

Funnehliner - I think you’re in the roblox chat idfk I feel like your name is Alex but I honestly am taking a guess at that. We’ve never talked from what I recall but if we have it was nothing to make an impact on me for me to remember.

staymellow - I’ve never talked to you and only know your username from commenting on a couple of my blogs. Idk if you feel a type of way about me or my blogs but idk you well enough to form an opinion.

Becksta20 - I stan you for stanning Taylor Swift but outside of that idk you

Insanity - I constantly get your username confused with an old friend turned bitter enemy something like Insanity17 or whatever, but I don’t think think you and I ever talked outside of like a blog or something.

PrinceVans - I just think that you’re a troll and I mean you’re annoying so I guess you’re doing it right so congrats?

crazybone5000 - Idk you but if you’re cute and at least 18 hmu x

melindamrskk - We haven’t talked in like 3 years, you kinda annoyed me then you sent me nudes and we were friends then you annoyed me again and I think that’s the last time we talked. I only really remember you for having orange cum for whatever reason. Hope you’re doing well and got that fixed.

mradamman12 - We don’t talk often but the few times we did talk I think we got along really well, you’re a cool guy, have a good balance between flaming homosexual and being really laid back so that’s something to always be proud of. Keep slaying sis.

Yawnha - I actually defended you against people who were my friends because I didn’t like that they were fighting with a 13 year old, and then the next day you called me a troll so fuck you, you deserve whatever bullying comes your way.

Admir - I don’t think I really have an opinion about you, we never talk and even if we have talked it was never something memorable for me at least so, indifference.

_Ravenclaw_ -  Same as crazybone

nathorix - Same as Ravenclaw

Arris - You’re really laid back and don’t seem like you’re too mentally unstable like most of the site, you seem to have common sense. We stan Spider-Man and haircuts.

peterya - I think you’re fine outside of games but you can be really like unreliable in games and you sheep people who I hate so.

Kevin0621 - Same as nathorix.

sprtsgy1989 - I like that you have a Taylor album in your username, other than that idk you enough to have an opinion on you.

pinkiepie512 - I think you’re a sweetheart, just someone I can’t trust in games.

Washed_Ravioli - Me and Tyler hate each other and I see you as a Tyler sheep, I’ve never talked to you before so that’s all I have to go off of.

XxLoveWakizaxX - You’re a queen. You give zero fucks, you voice your opinion, you hold nothing back, and even though we’ve stopped talking over the years I still think you’re iconic.

iYBF - I don’t remember us ever having a conversation. We’ve both been on the site for what feels like forever but I don’t think we’ve ever crossed paths.

ilysuiteheart - I’m indecisive about you because one day when I had no idea who you were, you were really weird towards me and that left a salty taste in my mouth, but then you apologized but then you were weird again, and then it’s just been like random extremely small conversations that weren’t like negative to say but it’s still just like idk how to feel about you. It’s not like I dislike you or like you or anything it’s just indifference.


Bbs ig
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Me :)
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Oh my hey
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LF DKSKDKDVK LOL king you snapped
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i’m a fag and i’m commenting.
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never sent u nudes LOL
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melindamrskk If this is Callum who still owns this account, you definitely sent me your nudes when I (we?) were 17 x
Sent by Kelly2722,Nov 6, 2020
ok ill go
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