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People who use religion

Aug 31, 2018 by Kelly2722
To justify their homophobia is really sad and pathetic and morally wrong.

So please tell me why the Bible should control my life? Why should some book that some random dude wrote declare what I can and can not do? God didn’t write the Bible. For all we know, whoever wrote the Bible was just a crook. Also may I add that there are several different bibles. I doubt that God would even write one of them, nonetheless several.

But if we’re going on about the idea that God did in fact write the Bible, and that homosexuality is wrong, then let it be wrong? God also said that people couldn’t cut their hair but I guess we’re skipping that one. God also said no sex before marriage but I guess we’re skipping that one, too. There are so many rules in the Bible that the average person breaks.

Using religion to justify your homophobia is a disgrace to God’s name.

But do not fret, God forgives all, and I’m sure he will forgive your intolerance of equality and happiness.


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