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Kayleigh's Song Contest III (Ep. 3: RESULTS)

Jan 13, 2021 by KayleighWinz

NewNightmare7 (Make Me Wanna Die)
HowLovely (Too Little, Too Late)
SingSongers (Kissin U)
TSwiftLover13 (idontwannabeyouanymore)
EndiessRyan (Driver's License)


Thirteen | Michael Jackson - Ben

This song is cute, but music back then had worse production quality and all of 70s/80s pop sounds the same to me. Plus, whenever I hear a Michael Jackson song it makes me uncomfortable because he probably molested children.

HighNoon | Skye Sweetnam - Tangled Up In Me

IDK who this bitch is but she's trying too hard to be Avril Lavigne. Even if she was before Avril Lavigne, she's still trying to be Avril Lavigne and the only Avril Lavigne is Avril Lavigne the queen of Lyme disease and this song is just generic teen angst pop rock to me.

TurkeyLover | Lorde - Ribs

Ribs is amazing and makes me feel nostalgic about things I've never even experienced (having friends). I'm so glad the TikTok generation appreciates this song more than the people who were her target audience when she released this song.

MathBoy9 | Hilary Duff - Metamorphosis

This is just cheating, but I encourage it because at least I got to listen to this work of ART. Hilary Duff has always had the best disney music discography even though she can't sing.

Absol | Bhad Bhabie - These Heaux

This song is a mess, but I love this mess. The Bhad Bhabie era of the internet was awful, but amazing at the same time. We need to continue to give more white trash women a platform so we can watch them slowly become more and more insane.

Ribbons | Did Not Submit


The Winner of Ep. 3 of Kayleigh's Song Contest III is...

TurkeyLover !!!


MathBoy9 (Metamorphosis)
Absol (These Heaux)


Thirteen (Ben)


HighNoon (Tangled Up In Me)
Ribbons (N/A)

The contestant going to redemption island is...

Ribbons, because you didn't submit, but you can still earn your way back in redemption island.


Minie | Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time

Teen Idol bop. Not Britney's best work, but an amazing debut single.

NotNicky333 | Rebecca Black - Friday

Rebecca Black is a Iesbian queen and I appreciate that. Iesbians are better than real people.

The contestant leaving redemption island is...

NotNicky333 (Friday), we so excited.

Next redemption battle will be Minie vs. Ribbons.


omg my serve
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