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Kayleigh's Song Contest III (Ep. 9: RESULTS)

Jan 21, 2021 by KayleighWinz
HowLovely | Azealia Banks - Count Contessa

Azealia Banks was an obvious choice for this category, but you made a great choice because this song is one of my favorites by her. Muscle Mike protected you this round.

MathBoy9 | Natalia Kills - Problem

A risky choice considering she and her boyfriend went into hiding after her controversy and if you didn't tell me they were Cruel Youth, I would have thought they Hitler and Eva Braun'd. This song is great and perfect for the category. Her one, only, and final bop.

NewNightmare7 | Madonna - Like A Prayer

Madonna is a queen and this song is nice, but doesn't really compare to modern music. I even like her old hag era(s) better than this one because production has stepped up so much.

SingSongers | Ayesha Erotica - Vacation Bible School

Ayesha Erotica is perfect and has never done anything controversial and those recordings of her saying the N-word are slayyyter and I refuse to believe otherwise even though it's very obvious it's Ayesha. Ayesha Erotica is a lyrical genius and it really shows in this song.

TurkeyLover | Lindsay Lohan - Rumors

Lindsay Lohan could hit me with her car and I'd thank her. This is a bop, but it's never been a song I go out of my way to listen to.

TSwiftLover13 | Azealia Banks - Anna Wintour

Another Azealia song, but this one isn't my favorite by her. I still love the song, but it's a little too Forever21 music for me. I like it, but it's hard to compete with her other bops.

The winner of ep. 9 of Kayleigh's Song Contest is...
HowLovely !!!


SingSongers (Vacation Bible School)
MathBoy9 (Problem)


TurkeyLover (Rumors)


TSwiftLover13 (Anna Wintour)
NewNightmare7 (Like A Prayer)

6th place in Kayleigh's Song Contest III is...

NewNightmare7 (Like A Prayer), your chart was SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE HIGH HIGH HIGH OUT. You were extremely robbed and would've gotten to top 3 had it not been for the other person with the best track record in the BTM2 with you.


Sent by Singsongers,Jan 21, 2021
oh i actually won
Sent by HowLovely,Jan 21, 2021
Oh *cries* I just went with her most controversial song that I could remember. Oh well <3
Sent by NewNightmare7,Jan 21, 2021

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