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Kayleigh's Song Contest III (Ep. 12): FINALE

Feb 6, 2021 by KayleighWinz

@SingSongers (1 - 6th / 2 - Runner-Up)
TurkeyLover (2 - Second Runner-Up)

4th - TSwiftLover13
5th - MathBoy9 (1 - Winner / 2 - 9th)
6th - NewNightmare7
7th - Thirteen (1 - 10th)
8th - EndiessRyan (2 - 10th)
9th - HighNoon (1 - 7th / 2 - 6th)
10th - Absol (2 - 5th)
11th - Ribbons (1 - Second Runner-Up)
12th - Minie
13th - NotNicky333

This season was confusing and dramatic. Everyone flopped at redemption and 2 of the final 3 from last season are in this final 3. A lot of people who were consistently in the bottom survived longer than a lot of people who were doing good then had 1 bad song but ended up in the bottom 2 with someone with a better track record than them and got robbed. This is the closest final 3 so far.

Icons of the season:

MathBoy9, for coming back from redemption immediately after he got out and doing bad 4 times in a row and then getting 5th.

NewNightmare7, for being SAFE 5 times in a row then HIGH 3 times in a row and then being ROBBED.

Thirteen, for doing awful then winning twice in a row and then getting bottom 2 once and dramatically plotting his own demise.

HighNoon, for having the chart BTM2 WIN BTM2 SAFE OUT

Minie, for being the only person to last more than one round of redemption, even though one of those rounds the other person didn't submit.

Villain of the Season:

Thirteen: "My plan was successful. I purposely chose something I knew you'd hate because I wanted out. I didn't like your music taste and couldn't stand picking songs I wasn't really crazy about to please you anymore." - Sent by Thirteen,Jan 20, 2021

Hero of the Season:

HowLovely, for having the bravery of sending K-POP on MY SONG CONTEST, but still making it to final 3.

Time for the RESULTS:

Third place in Kayleigh's Song Contest II Is...

TurkeyLover, I'm sorry this is happening again 3rd for the second time in a row, but honestly I had you as 4th for like 2 weeks but I switched it bc I liked your song more than TSwiftLover13s and it wouldn't make sense to eliminate you and then I realized I liked your song a lot and gave you another win. Your chart was an up and down and sadly there was too much time down to give you a win.

The Final 2:


HowLovely, you have 2 BTM2s and 1 WIN, and you had the AUDACITY to send K-Pop and the songs you sent weren't even that bad, so good for you. Throughout this song contest you showed bravery, strength, power, emotion, intelligence, wingspan, and synergy. I respect that.

SingSongers, you have 1 BTM2, 1 LOW, and 1 WIN, and you had the AUDACITY to give possibly maybe and bring the noize low scores on your song contest. I can't compete in your song contest anymore because I literally almost dq'ed you on the spot for your terrible opinions. But you did well, I mean not really you only had 1 WIN, but everyone else had an awful chart too.

...I average'd out all of the scores of your submitted song and...

The Winner of Kayleigh's Song Contest Season 3 Is...

SingSongers !!!

SingSongers, it really came down to the fact that you had the least amount of negative scores in your chart, but the final 3 was very close. Congrats on being the statistically worst winner in Kayleigh's Song Contest history <3

You're all invited back for Season 4 and I'll tag you when I post the Sign-Ups!
(some of you will get a mail which means you're personally invited back and I hope you join again sometime!)

TYSM to all that played and submitted every round!



howlovely is permed 馃槶
Sent by mathboy9,Feb 6, 2021
Sent by KayleighWinz,Feb 6, 2021
We stan my track record! It was a fun contest thank ya <333
Sent by NewNightmare7,Feb 6, 2021

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