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Kayleigh's Song Contest III (Ep. 10: RESULTS)

Jan 22, 2021 by KayleighWinz
SingSongers | ZAYN - LIKE I WOULD

This was the peak of mid-2010s pop/electronic production. This is one of the only songs by a solo man I genuinely like.


I like the lyrics in this song, but it's not really my taste but I definitely don't hate it.

HowLovely | INFINITE - The Chaser

This is a dramatic k-pop boy band song and I HATE boybands but this song is so over-dramatic and hilarious it's kind of good? I appreciate the drama of it all.

TurkeyLover | Link Lauren - I Love It When Hot Guys Cry

I agree with this songs message, but I'm not really into the song. I'm not a fan of the vocals or the production, but it's definitely not AWFUL.


I love this song, but it's kind of tainted because this is your second time submitting an artist that was already submitted for the round, but I can't fault you for that because there isn't exactly a rulebook for Kayleigh's Song Contest.

The Winner of Ep. 11 of Kayleigh's Song Contest is...

SingSongers !!!


TSwiftLover13 (PILLOWTALK)
HowLovely (The Chaser)


MathBoy9 (BALD!)
TurkeyLover (I Love It When Hot Guys Cry)

5th place in Kayleigh's Song Contest Is...

MathBoy9 (BALD!), your song wasn't the worst but because you were already eliminated it's kind of hard for you to survive a BTM2 against anyone. Thanks for playing and consistently doing mediocre!


omg i really need to get back into the top
Sent by turkeylover,Jan 22, 2021

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