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Kayleigh's Song Contest III (Ep. 4: RESULTS)

Jan 14, 2021 by KayleighWinz

TSwiftLover13 (Believe)
Thirteen (Fun)
NewNightmare7 (Say Something)
HighNoon (Number 10)


HowLovely | Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time

Iconic boring love ballad. Love that old hag Cher.

MathBoy9 | Uhm Jung Hwa - Ending Credit

This song was relaxing, but I don't enjoy being relaxed, I want songs that make me feel like I'm on cocaine because I know I'd LOVE cocaine, but I'd overdose, so I need cocaine music. This is more like heroin music. Not a bad song, but this was a strong round.

EndiessRyan | Yoko Ono - Warzone

Old lady ranting about generic world problems but turn it into an awful song. It's a joke song that I showed you and I appreciate you putting it in because it's iconic, but this was a strong round and every joke song gets around a 6/10 for me and this round had mostly 7/10s.

Absol | Aesop Rock - Kodokushi

You really shot yourself in the foot by sending a man and not some fucking boring pop hag.

SingSongers | Madonna & Nicki Minaj - Bitch I'm Madonna

I love this Gap-Toothed bitch. Madonna really made this song after Give Me All Ur Luvin' got moderate success but cut out MIA which was rude because MIA's middle finger is what made her relevant for the first time in 30 years.

TurkeyLover | Gwen Stefani - Make Me Like You

I love how quickly Gwen Stefani turned from being an angsty lead singer of No Doubt to a complete pop-sellout and then just like a boring mom on The Voice. This song is great for moms and I am a mother of 4 beautiful children; Hayden, Brayden, Slayyyden, & Tempest DuJour.

The Winner of Episode 4 of Kayleigh's Song Contest III is...

TurkeyLover !!! (2 in a row!)


HowLovely (If I Could Turn Back Time)
SingSongers (Bitch I'm Madonna)


MathBoy9 (Ending Credit)


EndiessRyan (Warzone)
Absol (Kodokushi)

The contestant going to redemption island is...

Absol (Kodokushi), I hate quirky men from New York.

Minie | Jennifer Lopez & Lil Wayne - I'm Into You

I didn't even listen to this song but On The Floor outsold...

Ribbons | Did Not Submit

The contestant leaving redemption island is...

Ribbons (N/A), because you forgot this game existed.

Next redemption battle will be Absol vs. Minie.


gets high like dizz
Sent by HowLovely,Jan 14, 2021
my serve omg
Sent by turkeylover,Jan 14, 2021
is shocked that im safe LOL
Sent by HighNoon,Jan 15, 2021

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